Wednesday, February 11, 2015

02112015 Rare Wed WOD

Happy Humpday!

Today is a fluke...Wed is usually a rest day.  But I had to go in today..and had the opportunity.  So why not?

Yesterday the commute was too brutal. I did not make it home in time. I tried my best but the traffic won. I left the office at 530PM and did not get home until 700PM.  A full 1.5 hours sitting in traffic.  It is so draining sitting in the car like that.  It just sucks the life force out of you...pretty bad I must say.

Today...the company had an off I got to stay home and work from home.  So being home I was able to get a workout out in.  It was good...good I got in..but a tough workout to say the least.  Tough.  Here is what we did:

3 x
1 min - Row 150
2 min - 10 x Squats + 5 x Burpees
3 min - 30 sec plank
9 min total


Max height box jump
I looked at the 30" box and it scared me. No way I can jump that high. I settled for a
27" jump.

40 x Kettle Bell Swing @ 35# = L2
30 x Burpees
20 x Back Squats @ 135# = L2
10 x Cleans @ 135# - L2
- Rest 2 Minutes -
10 x Cleans
20 x Back Squats
30 x Burpees
40 x KBS

21 Minute Time Cap...
DONE - 20:55.

I barely made it...the burpees kill me. I am super slow. Like SUPER SLOW.  I was fast and unbroken for the cleans, I never dropped the bar on the back squats and the swings are fairly easy at that weight.  It came down to the burpees 100%.  I was soo was not even funny.

But I am happy I picked the right weight to scale.  I could not clean 185# for Rx. I mean I a strength thing but I repping it for 10 and getting over my head to squat probably not.

Happy I got my workout in...fingers crossed tomorrow I can make it to class.  Please traffic gods be nice please!!!

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