Sunday, February 1, 2015

01312015 Saturday MASH

Another fun but pretty tough workout.  I had to scale this more than I thought.  No other reason as I felt weak.

Per usual if you want to see how the Mash is SUPPOSED to be here:


What you see below will be MY PERSONAL scaled version of the workout.  Here is what I did and the times.  Try to contain your laughter and rolling eyes please.

42 x Wall Balls @ 16# med ball
21 Back Squats @ 155# as Rx
30 x WB
15 x Front Squats
18 x WB
9 x Overhead Squats *I had to lower the weight to 135#. 155 was too heavy for me to perform the OHS safely.

DONE - 16:49

I used a lower weight ball and took all movements from the rack.  Now there is a debate between my friends.  When a workout like this is programmed and there is NO CALL OUT the SPECIFICALLY states it has to be from the floor or rack what do you do?

A. do you take it off the floor and lower the weight?
B. do you take it off the rack but go as Rx?  Which is what I did.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think.


3 Rounds For Time

10 x Deadlift @ 275# as Rx
150 x Single Jump Rope

DONE - 38:47


Box Jumps @ 20"
Pull Ups - scaled to half reps. 15-10-5
Shoulder to Overhead @ 115# as Rx

DONE - 65:27

The Pull Ups are slow as are the box jumps. I am getting better at my pull ups and stringing together 5 at a time. I need to force myself to rest enough so I can complete the 5 reps.  Any less and I waste energy and therefore going slower. I have to be consistent with 5 reps every time.

The Box Step Ups for me..were tough today. I usually go Rx at a 24" box but this afternoon stepping on 24" was really difficult. I had to lower it to the 20" which is no bueno. I am not happy about that.

This was a great workout and it was super tough.

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