Saturday, February 28, 2015

02282015 Last Sat of Feb WOD

End of FEB 2015.  Man does time fly I tell ya.  How are we in March tomorrow?  Crazy.

The fellas all met up post 15.1 picked a workout to do.  We didn't really like the mash just middle so we made some edits and added our own.  Here is what I did! *note I scaled...the Rx guys did a slightly "harder" workout.

3 Rounds For Time

9 x Power Cleans @ 115lbs - it was supposed to be a squat I power cleaned.
15 x Push Press @ 115lbs

DONE - 7;46

Rest 7 min

3 Round for Time - the Rx was 5 rounds

12 x Strict Ring Dip w Band
12 x Strict Pull Ups
* some guys did C2B instead and kipped their dips

DONE - 27:36

Rest 7 min

75# Thruster - the guys used 95#

DONE 45:48

This was tough..the burpees kill me. I am super slow and want to just give up...especially with my ugly bro rep thrusters.  No bueno.





*for the ladies..

Workout 15.1

9-minute AMRAP:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts
5 snatches

  (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)
Workout 15.1a
1-rep-max clean and jerk
  6-minute time cap

I came in pretty anxious, nervous and super excited.  I had a goal in mind.  I wanted to get through ONE round.  I wanted to get to ONE DAMN RX!
I cannot link Toes To Bar...I have to do it 1 at a time.  So my goal was please please please let me get 1 round.  I knew my deadlifts would be easy. I knew my snatch at this weight would be not super easy but I can do it.  So I was only worried about the T2B.
I just nutted up...and went at it.


I was able to complete 2 rounds!!! My total score...

I completed 63 Reps on 15.1 and my clean and jerk was 205# for a total of 268!!!
I am beyond happy and super excited. I hate to sound cheesy but...tonight is a huge achievement for me.  I went beyond what I thought I could do. I wont say I "crushed" this workout but I did so much better than I expected and what I thought I could do.
This truly is all the hype about crossfit is all about.  The community and workout that pushed you...push you OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  Get out of it..stop being so comfy. PUSH YOURSELF!  Again I know I sound like some crazy cult Crossfit idiot life coach wannabee.  But I surprised and shocked myself tonight.
30 toes to bar?  As RX?  No way...really?  I am too happy.  I am proud of myself. 
I hope this little accomplishment of mine will help someone out there to push themselves as well. You can amaze yourself....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

02252015 Wednesday WOD

Last workout before the open...wanted to go in and get the blood flowing and then rest tomorrow.

3 x rounds
10 x Squats
10 x Sit ups
5 x burpee over erg
100m Row


Max Bench Press
*I recently did a max bench...and was pretty happy about it.  I got 325lbs.
So tonight I chilled out. I only did 275lbs for fun.


10 min AMRAP
30 x Double Unders
15 x Power Snatch @ 75#

My goal was to get through at least ONE round. I wanted to chip away at my DUs and I did.  I got 1 full round plus 7 DUs!!!!

SOOOO HAPPY!!!!  I need to practice...for sure.  But getting 37 total double unders where I was only able to do 1 at a time...I am happy.

Now time for some rest...good night. I accomplished my goal.

Monday, February 23, 2015

02232015 Monday WOD

Traffic was good to me this evening...I was able to get home in time to take the 8pm class.

400m Row
3 x 1
10 x Squats
10 x Jumping Jacks
10 x Sit ups



Max strict pull ups
x 3 with 3 min rest
I got 18 reps total!! WOOHOO!!!

this is what we did...
2011 Regionals Workout #3



Box Jumps

Rx - 315lbs
Rx - 30" but I did 24"

12 min time cap....I #DNF  - DID NOT FINISH
I only got 12 reps into the 15 reps....sad.

But...thinking about it...I got 34 reps of 315lb deadlift. I am happy for that.

But sad I was unable to was too heavy.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

02222015 Sunday PR Day

Sunday Skwaaat day went well...pretty basic day except for my PR...see below!

Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135lbs x 10 (2)
225lbs x 5 (2)
275lbs x 3
315lbs x 1, 1, 1
*I felt weak this afternoon.  I was not trying to hit any PRs it was OK. I just always always try to hit at the bare minimum at 315lbs.  I want to be able to throw on 315lbs and be a semi hard warm up.  I just want 315 to feel like 225.  That is the goal.

Then...I wanted to work on my overhead squats.

This is when it is important to have a good vibe and another "Bro Session" was born.  All the guys are there and we just help each other.  The ego. The testosterone and just not letting your boys down. That is what helped me get my PR today.

125lbs x 5
155lbs x 5
165lbs x 5
175lbs x 3 - PR
185lbs x 1 - NEW PR!!!!

Let me just say this weekend was full of PRs. It was good for me. My strength is getting better every month and I love it.  I love the power I feel when I hit new numbers.  I hope it keeps going I am going to try my best to keep the momentum.

It was a great weekend for my PRs.

02212015 DEADLIFT PR

Had a good workout you can see in the below post. I did the Monster Mash...but then met up with the homies and did a late afternoon BRO SESSION.

Good stuff...

I went in with full intentions to PR deadlift. I had it in my mind...I wanted to at the least add 5lbs to get my 1100 total.  I just had to have it.

So I went in to dead.

135lbs x 5
225lbs x 5
275lbs x 3
315lbs x 1 + 1
375lbs x 1
405lbs x 1 - Previous PR

415lbs NEW PR

then...I felt strong...

I went again...

I went harder....

425lbs DEADLIFT!!!!!

my new totals...

BENCH - 325lbs
SQUAT - 365lbs
DEAD - 425bs

TOTAL - 1115LBS!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

02212015 Saturday Mash

Went in with good intentions...oh wells.

Here is the official MONSTER MASH

and what I did...

AMRAP 5 min
7 x Thruster
7 x Pull ups
as Rx - completed 3 + 2 thrusters

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
5 x Deadlift @ 225lbs
5 x Handstand Push ups
as "Rx" -  completed 3
*now I use the term as Rx very loosely. My HSPU were pretty "bro reppy" for sure. I used a wall walk and got my chest to the wall and did like half reps.  I know they sucked...but I tried my best without using a box.  So there.

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
5 x Power Cleans @ 115lbs
50 x singles jumprope
completed 4

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
10 cal row
5 x burpee over rower
as Rx completed 2 + 4 burpees

rest 5 min

AMRAP 5 min
7 x box jumps @ 24"
7 x knees to chest
completed 4 was OK.  Just OK.  5 min is too short for me and I know I rest too much.
I could of and should of done better....sigh.

Friday, February 20, 2015

02202014 Happy Friday

4:45AM 2nd time going in before class and getting my #WOD in.  The morning is really tough and I usually LOVE working out in the AM.  I like it..but when I am by myself and I need to do a metcon/cardio workout it is hard doing it alone.  I need the energy of the class and people.  But the opposite is true when I am lifting. I can lift in silence and alone.  Heck some Sundays in Open Box I like the silence and get to have the bars and weights all to myself.

But yeah...waking up this early really really really takes discipline and I am struggling in only 2 workouts.  But I had to get in..I missed this whole week due to horrible traffic driving in from work. My commute now takes an that again AVERAGE of 1.5 hours.  It is brutal.  I am taking a new strategy moving long as I rest 2 days a week I am going to go in whenever I can. If the traffic gods are nice and I get home in time I am going in. I am no longer going to WAIT for a rest day or a workout day. If I am home in time I am going in. I cannot depend on what days and traffic to agree.  I figure I am going to be sporadic in and out of the box moving forward.  Sigh...

1500m Row
nice and slow and steady to warm up.


Movements - cleans and front squats
Empty Bar, 95# and 135# couple reps of each a couple times.

I did yesterday's wod today...

4 x Cleans
4 x Front Squats
4 x Shoulder to Overhead
@ 155lbs = L2
DONE - 9:19

Rx was 205lbs which was way too heavy
L3 was 185lbs and also a tad too heavy

BUT....155lbs was a tad light.  I could of finished faster but I dogged it.  It was early I was tired and did not take any stimulants.  I was afraid of taking any PWO as I did not want to be amped so early.  Maybe I will next time..not sure....but yeah it was light and I could of went heavier.

Now time to get ready for work!!!


Monday, February 16, 2015

02162015 President's Day PRs

President's Day PRs BABY!!!

Since I had the day off I decided to get to the box early and lift. Specifically BENCH PRESS.  I wanted to try and a PR today.  I had that in mind going in.  Well kids this guy hit it!!! WOOHOO!!!


Empty Bar x 10 (2 sets)
135lbs x 10 (2 sets)
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 3
285lbs x 1
295lbs x 1
315lbs x 1 - new PR - previous was 305lbs
325lbs x 1 - PR BABY!!!!!\

So awesome!  It felt good too. I did a little 'stanky leg" at the bottom of the press but it was OK I saved it.  So happy!

then on the the workout..

400m Run
2 x of 10 squats and 10 jumping jacks


Power Cleans - 5,5,3,3,1,1
I hit a PR here too...205lbs!!!
Once I cleaned it, I decided to jerk it...might as well!  WOOHOOO!!!!
Clean and Jerk PR!!!  205lbs!!!!
My previous was 195lbs...I am so happy I was able to get 200lbs from floor to shoulders to overhead.  SWEET!!!

*please note this graphic is is not 2lb kettlebells..its 2 POOD...duh!

ugh this workout really sucks.  We even had to scale it...our Rx was only 53lb KB as we dont have 2 pood (70lbs KB) at our box.  Our heaviest KBs are 53kbs.

5 RFT (Rounds for Time)
800m Run
30 x KBS
30 x Pull Ups
37 min time cap
I got to my 3rd round and only finished my KBS, never got to the pull ups.

Oh well...I will take the PRs today over my not finishing this brutal WOD.

I am not going to rest for 48 workout will probably be on Thursday AM.   Peace!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

02152015 Sunday PR Squat DAY!!!

Who hit a PR today?


Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135# x 10 (2)
185# x 5
225# x 5
255# x 3
315# x 1
355# x 1
365# x 1
THEN....5 lbs more

so yeah the depth was not perfect. I was like an inch or .5 it was VERY VERY VERY close....I will take it. I dont care..I am not competing anyways, It was close enough.  YAY!

Pretty much after that I was done. Pooped.  So I just chilled.  =)

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Singles Awareness Day - WOMP WOMP WOMP

Went in and did the MASH today.  It was good...tough as usual but I got it done.  Per usual here is the ORIGINAL MASH....


and here is what I/we was scaled the middle workout.  The middle was crazy hard...but we did Rx for the 1st and last workout.

Deadlift @ 225lbs
Thrusters @ 95#
DONE - 11:26

Rest 10 min

7 each single arm rows
1 min handstand holds
1 min dip hold
DONE - 35;20
*this is where we scaled alot...its almost laughable. We just had to scale it...who the hell can walk 100' handstand walk?  I cant climb a rope either...sheesh.  L Sit?  fuhgeddaboutit!

Rest 6 Min - We only rested 6 min because we felt rested and since we scaled so much the other one...we just jumped the rest time and got on the last workout.

For Time
40 x Squats
20 x Hang Power Cleans @ 115lbs
DONE 51:40

The first workout felt good but got heavy quickly.  The thruster killed me.  The 3rd workout seemed "easy" but my arms started to burn...forearms are dead.  Good workout for sure.

Friday, February 13, 2015

02132015 Friday the 13 WOD

Happy Friday the 13th!!  spooooky!

This morning I dragged my fat ass to the box....EARLY.  I got there at 445AM and started my #WOD by 5AM.  It was fun!  ugh...not really.  But I may be forced to do this instead now...the commute home kills me.

Double Unders practice - 10 mins


500m x 4 Intervals with 1 min rest


Overhead Squats @ 95lbs

Pull Ups

DONE - 17:42
*I really wanted to finish in 15 min or less.  But the pull ups really slow me down.  I am just slow...I take a long rest to pull off 3 or 5.  Mainly 3 and I fall off the bar.  It sucks and is frustrating.

Now time to get ready for work!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

02112015 Rare Wed WOD

Happy Humpday!

Today is a fluke...Wed is usually a rest day.  But I had to go in today..and had the opportunity.  So why not?

Yesterday the commute was too brutal. I did not make it home in time. I tried my best but the traffic won. I left the office at 530PM and did not get home until 700PM.  A full 1.5 hours sitting in traffic.  It is so draining sitting in the car like that.  It just sucks the life force out of you...pretty bad I must say.

Today...the company had an off I got to stay home and work from home.  So being home I was able to get a workout out in.  It was good...good I got in..but a tough workout to say the least.  Tough.  Here is what we did:

3 x
1 min - Row 150
2 min - 10 x Squats + 5 x Burpees
3 min - 30 sec plank
9 min total


Max height box jump
I looked at the 30" box and it scared me. No way I can jump that high. I settled for a
27" jump.

40 x Kettle Bell Swing @ 35# = L2
30 x Burpees
20 x Back Squats @ 135# = L2
10 x Cleans @ 135# - L2
- Rest 2 Minutes -
10 x Cleans
20 x Back Squats
30 x Burpees
40 x KBS

21 Minute Time Cap...
DONE - 20:55.

I barely made it...the burpees kill me. I am super slow. Like SUPER SLOW.  I was fast and unbroken for the cleans, I never dropped the bar on the back squats and the swings are fairly easy at that weight.  It came down to the burpees 100%.  I was soo was not even funny.

But I am happy I picked the right weight to scale.  I could not clean 185# for Rx. I mean I a strength thing but I repping it for 10 and getting over my head to squat probably not.

Happy I got my workout in...fingers crossed tomorrow I can make it to class.  Please traffic gods be nice please!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

02082015 Sunday Squat Day

Beautiful and gorgeous "Winter" day in So Cal - Highland Park CA 90042.

Hit the gym and did some skwaaats!

Empty Bar x 10  = 2 sets
135lbs x 10 = 2 sets

185lbs x 5
225lbs x 5

255lbs x 5 = 5 sets


135lbs x 10
225lbs x 5
315lbs x 3
375lbs x 1 - it felt SOOOO HEAVY!!  So I stopped here.  ugh...
I really wanted to hit a possible PR maybe at least hit my old weight of 405lbs.  Oh well...