Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This Old Man - 2015

I recently posted a couple things to my Facebook feed that directly related to fellow OLD MEN such as myself.  I figured I should blog about it, so not only I can search for it later but I can better share it for others to read. we age...and some of us are already there...we lose muscle mass, gain belly fat and lose our most precious of all...testosterone.  It is just a fact.  After 35 and beyond, us guys begin losing all the "good stuff."

I know I am super bias. I love to lift. I would rather lift weights 3x a day then go for a mile run once a week. I know friends know this.  But...finally I have some proof of my madness and my aversion to running. Running Sucks.

Please see the Harvard Public Health Study link below....

Harvard Study

Weight training appears key to controlling belly fat


Healthy men who did twenty minutes of daily weight training had less of an increase in age-related abdominal fat compared with men who spent the same amount of time doing aerobic activities, according to a new study by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers and colleagues. Combining weight training and aerobic activity led to the most optimal results. Aerobic exercise by itself was associated with less weight gain compared with weight training.

I have many friends and peers that are doing GREAT things.  I have friends that run 10Ks, even full marathons. I have friends that are avid cyclists. They can ride for miles and miles..they wake up at the crack of dawn and ride more then I like to drive.  I have friends that play a basketball and are in leagues. I love all of it.  No matter what BEING ACTIVE is key.  BUT...this study men get older WE NEED TO LIFT.  STRENGTH TRAINING is key.  Obviously doing both is great but doing bench presses and squats will be better for you than running that 6 miles every day.  We need it all...but men lose muscle faster as we age.

Again, I dont like to run..but I have to every time I workout. We always have some little running for a warm up. I hate it. I am last.  But...I get my heart workouts in 4x a week. I train 5x a week and devote 1 day to just lifting.  I get my heart pumping through HIIT and Crossfit.  Not all of us are made or designed to RUN. In fact, I have been told by trainers and even my old doctor agreed...running may not be the best for me and my build. I do my WODs and really try to focus on the strength aspect. I have found that even when I am slow on the runs or burpees, I can make up for it because I am strong enough to carry through the weight portions.  It really has helped.

Which leads me to the other side of the equation. You run, you train you need to REST and RECOVER!!!!

SLEEP.....Yes you need to sleep....SLEEP!

I love Barbell Shrugged.  These guys are obviously passionate and knowledgeable.  They have never tried to come across as cocky or know it alls. In fact through their podcasts, they interview some of the top names in fitness, crossfit, and weightlifting.  And...they go against all conventions and GIVE AWAY THIS INFO. They have so much info and they share it all.  95% of their content is FREE.  I support them and you should check out their page and youtube channel.

Anyways...this is a recent post on the importance of SLEEP and TESTOSTERONE creation.

Barbell Shrugged

Same we age...stress takes so much more a hold of us. Work, family and trying to be healthy too? specifically need more we can produce testosterone!  It is hard...I know.  Especially if you are a new dad or have deadlines and other commitments. must make time to get some sleep.  Check out the video above and hopefully it will convince you to set up strategies and set up time for rest.  You need it.

Hoping these 2 articles will help in your 2015 well as your life.  Come on guys...we have to take care of ourselves!

The below is true...simple as that...

and maybe we can look like this in our old age?

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Thank you! As a 45 year old, I constantly think about this! LIFT ON!