Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Supplements

I occasionally get questions regarding supplements. I get asked what I I figured I would post up after I finally took some recent pics of the stuff I am taking.

I am NOT an expert in anything. I know nothing I am nothing.  PLEASE do your own research before trying anything.  That is why I am not going to link any research or make any recommendations. I am just going to show what I take and what amounts...

Here are my goodies...

DAILY. This is what I take every day...


I know there are different takes on quality vs krill oil or sardines or this or that.  I am not 100% sure, so I just buy the most reasonably priced capsules with the most in it. I admit I do not eat enough fish so taking this helps. I dont need to take a certain brand, I just want the most possible.  I do alot of shopping on Vitacost and they have the best prices and their house brand is pretty comparable.  So Fish oil...every day.

It is pretty well studied and accepted...A LOT of people do not get enough vitamin D.  Esp if you are an office drone. You are inside all day and get zero sunshine.  D has also been linked to helping you not get sick or recover being sick faster.  This is the highest dosage available in one pill.  I take this 5 days a week. I dont take on weekends why? Because on weekends guess what....I GO OUTSIDE.  

I take all 3 in a large glass of cold water every morning....

CREATINE - 5 grams
I take CREAPURE which the "brand name" creatine monohydrate.  I take 5 grams every day so my body can absorb it without cycling.  Here is my opinion.  Creatine is one or the most studied supplement in fitness, period.  Tons and tons of studies that show it works. It simply works.  The study shows that there are maybe 10-15% of athletes are "non responders."  But is so cheap why not take it?  Just take it...

BETA ALININE - 6 grams
This is ON's brand of Beta Alinine.  But the name brand of this is CARNOSYN.  This aids in recovery and in a lot of pre and post workouts.

There is no name brand of just get it from anywhere.  I get this and the Carnosyn above from TRUE NUTRITION.    True Nurtrition allows you to buy supplements raw without marketing no fancy ads or containers. It comes plain jane and you save money that way.  You can even order your own custom protein mix.  Citrulline is what they call the "Fatigue Fighter."  It is pretty much in ALL good Pre is what gives you the weird tingling you get all over your body.

I mix all 3 in a glass of water...and drink it every day.

Now..on to the workout stuff....the stuff I take on training days only...

2 types of Pre Workout

So if you dont want to take a Pre Workout can just take these and you have a base pre workout.  All pre workouts have BCAA and Caffeine.  I will take this when I dont want to carry powder with me or lazy to bring a shaker and powder.

PRE JYM - my latest Pre Workout

I have taken many.  I used to take N.O XPlode, I have taken GAT's and even MP's Assault.
Now that I am a tad more educated...I am staying away from "proprietary blends." I want to know exactly what is in there and how much.  That is why Pre Jym is good.  All ingredients are listed clearly and in the correct clinical dosages.  Plus it was a crap load of caffeine that I like. 300mg of it.  Pretty awesome.  I love my caffeine.  I like the stimulant.

I experimented with a non stimulant based PWO...and although it was great I really needed the pump.
I tried HVOL which is pretty good...using that made me realize that I like the caffeine.


I discovered this BCAA mix a few months ago and I fell in love with it.  It is ALL MAX's AMINOCORE.  I really like it because you drink it AS you are working out;  Not before or after. You drink and able to supple the BCAA during a workout.  This is good as another alternative to a traditional PWO powder.

ZMA - Sleepy Time!

This is another Vitacost brand of ZMA.  It is said many athletes or pretty active people lack these vital minerals.  It helps recovery and sleep.  Plus it works when you sleep so on training days I take this before bed.  It does give some pretty crazy dreams.  I read it is because of the vitamin B.  Also...for us guys...this helps in testosterone development.  Us guys need testosterone.

So that is it...all the crap I take to help.

I have to the last 3-4 months...MY RECOVERY IS INCREDIBLE.  Before starting the stack above...I would train 3 days a week and be beat. Super tired and no energy. NOW...I train 5x a week. I take Monday and Wednesdays off but I workout/lift the rest.  I know 1000% I could never do that before.  So if it is placebo...or not. Something is happening...something is working.  There was no way I could workout like this. I am not stopping now. I love it.

So here it is..what I it or hate it...please no flames.  No hate or extra advice.

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