Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FOB - ABC's New Show is ME!

I have always been a fan of Eddie.  Ever since his VICE videos of food travels I just liked him. I saw myself in this guy. He was an Asian American kid that grew up the same time I did in Hip Hop and Street Culture. Sure he is more an "East Coast" Asian vs West Coast but I could very easily IDENTIFY myself to him.

When he first published his book I bought it immediately.  In fact I took it and read it on my 40th birthday vacation to Mexico. I read it cover to cover.  If you are Asian American or love food or like funny stories about 90s life...I think you need to pick it up.  FRESH OFF THE BOAT.  its now on Paperback so you cheap bastards can get it. I am proud that I have a hardcover from last year.

Next time I am in NYC I vow to eat at Baohaus and bring my book just in case in the off chance he is there that night so I can ask him to sign it for me.

He is a hero to me...speaking his mind and representing a specific Asian American....again I see so much in me.  I was born in Chicago and raise in LA.  Moved to Cypress Park and started K and 1st grade at Loreto St Elementary School.  My family then bought a house is 90042 Highland Park off of Ave 52 and York Blvd.  Now known as Hipster Central. I attended Buchanan St. Elementary School, then to Luther Burbank Jr High School.  HLP is in my heart and soul.  But...we were like one of 4 Asians in the whole neighborhood.  Maybe more...but I can pretty much count on one hand how many other Asian families there were at that time in my hood.  I am not going to give my whole story no one cares.  But I grew up being called a Chink and Chino all my life.  I learned about gang life, cholos, low riders, graffiti..and yes even Disco, Funk and Freestyle music.  I understand George Lopez' specific Chicano humor.  Hip Hop, urban culture is what I grew up on.  But...I was still Chinese. Proud to be...and wanted to represent.  I always cheered for ANY Asian faces in media.  Film, TV or other.  Eddie's new show is one of these.  I will watch...tweet, blog and Facebook about it...I will support my fellow Chinkstronaut.

Here is his article..it is a bit long but well worth the read....where is the modern Asian American today in 2015 in media?  No heroes, no stars no one.  We are invisible...and its ok to ignore us.  Not anymore...I hope this show is a hit. I want it to be...I need it to be.

Fresh off the Boat.

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