Tuesday, January 27, 2015

01272015 Tuesday WOD = DNF

Eh...not a great day, not a great #WOD.  I hate it when I don't/can't finish a workout.  *sad panda*

Came in early and ended up doing a quick workout....here is what I did:

3 Rounds For Time
20 calorie row
10 x burpee jump over rower
5 x thruster @ 75#
DONE - 13:47 min

That sucked...it was supposed to be a AMRAP but ran out of time...it was a "warm up" for me...

2nd Warm Up
1 min - 150m Row
2 min - 10 x squat + 10 x sit up + 5 x burpees
3 min - 30 sec plank hold
3 rounds of the above  = 9 minutes


Front Squat

Got my PR...225lbs!!!

*but again since I have no front rack I had to do it "powerlifting style."

But I am happy with the PR! WOOHOOO!!!!

For Time - 20 min time cap

Wall Balls - @ 16lbs = L3

Kettle Bell Swings - @ 44lbs = L3

Box Jumps - @ 24" = Rx

#DNF = DID NOT FINISH - it sucked.
I got to 12 box jumps on my 20 reps....I didn't even get to my set of 10s.  SAD SAD SAD!!!

Yeah not so great....ugh.  I thought I was going at a good pace..but the time ran away. I think my box jumps were way too slow.  I think I did the WB just fine and my KBS are pretty efficient.  My slowest movement was for sure the box jumps or step ups for me. It was slow and sad...booo.

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