Tuesday, January 20, 2015

01202015 Tuesday WOD

Happy Birthday to my sister!  Today is her bday!  So I will dedicate tonight's workout to her.

So I came in early again and see what was grooving.  We decided to hit "RANDY."

75 x 75lb Snatches for time
DONE - 6:53

Not bad...I am happy I got it under 7 minutes.

Then I joined the class...

1 min - leg raises for 30 sec
2 min - Row 200m
3 min - med ball toss x 10 + 5 burpees



3 Rounds For Time

10 x Renegade Rows @ on knees
20 x Front Squat w DB
10 x DB Push Press
200m Farmer's Carries w DB

L3 @ 30lb dumbbells.

DONE - 17:22

Pretty good...I wanted to maybe hit 16 min...but I got gassed on the Renegade Rows.  I am happy over all.  Good night!

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