Saturday, January 17, 2015

01172015 Saturday MASH

Gut Check....Reality Check.

That is what I will call this workout.  It was a big hammer to my brain and ego and body.  I will explain below.

Here is the MASH in its glorious Rx form.

And here is what I ugly scaled modified horrible version of this WOD.  Another note...NO ONE did this WOD as Rx.  4 of us did it...and everyone scaled it a little bit.  I just scaled it the most.

This is me:

4 Rounds for time
400m Run
10 x Pull Up + 10 x Banded Ring Dips
Done - 20:33

Rest 10 min

3 Rounds for time
15 x Bar Facing Burpees
1 Round of "DT"
 - 12 x Deadlift
 - 9 x Hang Power Snatch
 - 6 x Push Jerk
@ 135#


*I only completed 2 rounds.  More on that later....

Rest 10 min

200 x Single Jump Ropes
75 x Wall Balls @ 16#
50 x Pull Ups - as Rx
25 x Back Squats @ 225# - as Rx

DONE - 72:19

Let me open my heart Since starting the MASH with the group...maybe 4-5 months?  I have always found a way to get through the workout.  Either by scaling, modifying or lower the reps.  I can find a strategy that works.


When I started the second workout it was already hard doing the burpees.  I stepped over the bar, I did not do it properly, as Rx which is both feet start and both feet end on the jump.  I stepped over..and felt drained.  After doing 1 round,...after a whole year of being a part of this box and doing the mash I WANTED TO QUIT.  Not just rest...but QUIT. I wanted to just stop everything and sit down.  I forced myself to finish that 2nd round and STOPPED.  I just could not finish.

It was such a mental block.  My brain just wanted my body to quit.  I have not felt that way in a long time.

I scrubbed together everything I could to just finish that 2nd round.  It was a bad place for me.

After my 10 min rest I did the 3rd and final workout and it was not as bad.  Worst part was the pull ups. Although I can kip and string together a few. When you are taxed and so drained and tired trying to get through was so hard.  I had to break them down into 5s.  I did sets of was so slow and bad.  I pushed through...and weirdly the best workout was the Back Squat.  I was able to get 10, then 9 and then 6.  I was able to "catch up" while everyone was the backsquat.

This was one of or thee toughest for me...mentally, physically, emotionally. I really had a gut check today.  I need to be better mentally...and get over. I failed myself..and it felt weird.

I want to be better next time...

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