Saturday, January 10, 2015

01102015 Saturday MASH

Another Saturday Another Mash done...sheesh.

Per usual here is Crossfit Linchpin's as RX workout...and here is what I personally did with my times.


3 Rounds for Time
12 x Bar Facing Burpees
9 x Power Cleans
6 x Pull Ups + 6 x Banded Ring Dips
DONE - 14;37

Rest 7 min

2 Rounds for Time
18 Calorie Row
15 x Thrusters @ 95#
12 x Pull Ups
DONE - 33:54

Rest 7 min

5 Rounds for Time
12 x Knees to Chest
9 x Shoulder to overhead @ 115#
DONE - 51:04

Rest 7 min

50 x Lunges with 115# Front Rack
DONE - 65:01

I am happy I finished just 5 mins past an hour. It was brutal..and admittedly A LOT of "bro reps."

I think this was a fair amount of Rx mixed with scaled.  I modified the squat cleans to a "harder" power clean. For example.  The 2nd workout, I admit my thrusters per usual were horrible.  My pull ups were OK. I could of done Chest to Bar as Rx but it really would of taken me way too long. I can kip a chest to bar. I can get that high. I just cant link them together, so in a WOD, It doesnt make sense to do them as it would take too long.

THE BAD aka Bro Rep City
I already mentioned the thrusters were def bro repped...but its funny I did this with another guy, who has good engine and fairly strong...we both scaled the weight way down.  155# is just we went all the way to 115# and it was STILL HARD.  We laughed at ourselves...because NO REPS WERE DONE lunges wise.  We struggled to just bend out knees to make it "resemble" a lunge. It was crazy. We had to laugh.

Great workout per usual...and it was a mental game for a couple guys.  Their brains fail them before their bodies do.  Something we all must work on for sure.

Happy that was done.  On to next week!

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