Saturday, January 3, 2015

01032015 MASH Saturday

Gotta love the mash...right?

Per is the ORIGINAL Mash...the Rx of what this workout should be.


Here  is what I did...personally.  Which is not what everyone else did. I I do what I can.

4 Rounds For Time
4 x Power Cleans
4 x Front Squat
4 x Shoulder To Overhead
@ 155#

I had to lower the weight considerably. Just 10# above Women's weight. Oh well.
DONE - 11:13

Rest 10 min

Overhead Squats @ 135# as Rx
Pull Ups
I had to modify to just pull ups. I had to kip and pull singles. It took me forever.
DONE - 46:40

Rest 10 min

2 Rounds For Time
25 Cal Row
25 x Wall Balls @ 16#
25 x Deadlift @ 185# as Rx

25 x HSPU @ knees on box

I lowered the weight on the ball...and HSPU is obvious. At least the deads were Rx. I am happy about that.  The Row was good too. I was able to get it done in 1:30 or 1:40 or so.  Felt good.


This was a workout...I will be sore for a few days.

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