Friday, January 2, 2015

01022015 FIRST WOD

Here it is...the first workout of 2015.  I am happy I finished this one....

Min 1 - 250m Row
Min 2 - 10 x Squats, Push Up and Jumping Jacks
Min 3 - 30 sec plank hold
Min 4 - 20 x Box Jump @ 24"
3 Rounds of the above



200m Run
1 min rest
400m Run
1 min rest
600m Run
Total Time = 10:21
*Since I was so slow...and dead last, I got to skip the 1 min rest and keep running to finish. 

90 x Squats
80 x Sit Ups
70 x Lunges
60 x Supermans
50 x Push Ups
40 x Goblet Squats @ 44#
30 x Kettle Bell Swings @ 44#
20 x Pull ups
10 x Burpees

Time cap of 25 min - I FINISHED IN 23:13!!!!

Pretty pleased with that time...BUT...I must confess.  ADMISSION OF GUILT. I cheated on my sit ups.  I always cramp really really really bad when doing sit ups. I get scared.  My whole mid section seizes up when I push I just get scared and dont push it.  I have tried to drink more water to be hydrated so I dont cramp but I still do.  Maybe I need to take potassium pills?  If anyone knows what I can do...LMK. But yes my belly/tummy just freezes and it is horrible pain.  =(

Either is a great start to 2015 for me.


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