Friday, January 30, 2015

0130215 Lore Birthday WOD


We celebrated Lorena's birthday with her Birthday WOD!

400m Run
3 x of 10 squats + 10 sit ups + 10 push ups


100 Sit Ups for Time
6 min time cap - DONE 5:47
* I am really bad at sit ups for the single fact is I get cramps in my stomach. I can do them just fine, I used to be able to do them very well but I seriously get bad tummy cramps when I do sit ups. It is pretty bad.

Is known as a "novelty WOD" there are some haters out there...see article.  Basically, you just take the numbers of your birthday and assign workout and reps to it.  So yeah it is fun and can be painful.

1 Mile Run - either as a cash in or a cash out

30 x Snatch @ 75# - Rx

86 x Double Unders @ 258 x singles = L3

29 x Pull Ups @ Rx
*Chose to run my mile at the end...
30 min time cap. I #DNF.....but I kept going. FINISHED 40:37

Obviously the run killed me....

Happy I finished...the easiest part was the snatches.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

01292015 Thursday WOD

This workout was NOT my jam.  I finished but it was not a good one for your boy.

1 min - 200m Row
2 min - belly get up (no hands) + 10 x squats
3 min - 30 sec plank
3 rounds


Over Head Squat
3 x 3 with 10 second pause
max 115#
*This was good...forcing people to sit at the bottom. I enjoyed it.  It was good for me.  I played around and got one set at 135lbs.  Not bad.

200m Run
10 x Burpees
5 x Clusters
What is a CLUSTER?  It is this...

L1 - 75#
yes...I dont have to tell you...I went super light...because why? No thrusters for you boy. No front rack..ugh.

I finished in 15:17

Not great....but not bad considering my horrible mobility.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

01272015 Tuesday WOD = DNF

Eh...not a great day, not a great #WOD.  I hate it when I don't/can't finish a workout.  *sad panda*

Came in early and ended up doing a quick is what I did:

3 Rounds For Time
20 calorie row
10 x burpee jump over rower
5 x thruster @ 75#
DONE - 13:47 min

That was supposed to be a AMRAP but ran out of was a "warm up" for me...

2nd Warm Up
1 min - 150m Row
2 min - 10 x squat + 10 x sit up + 5 x burpees
3 min - 30 sec plank hold
3 rounds of the above  = 9 minutes


Front Squat

Got my PR...225lbs!!!

*but again since I have no front rack I had to do it "powerlifting style."

But I am happy with the PR! WOOHOOO!!!!

For Time - 20 min time cap

Wall Balls - @ 16lbs = L3

Kettle Bell Swings - @ 44lbs = L3

Box Jumps - @ 24" = Rx

#DNF = DID NOT FINISH - it sucked.
I got to 12 box jumps on my 20 reps....I didn't even get to my set of 10s.  SAD SAD SAD!!!

Yeah not so great....ugh.  I thought I was going at a good pace..but the time ran away. I think my box jumps were way too slow.  I think I did the WB just fine and my KBS are pretty efficient.  My slowest movement was for sure the box jumps or step ups for me. It was slow and sad...booo.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

01252015 Sunday Workout

Had a pretty good workout today.  Here is the damage...

Warm Up:
Empty Bar - good mornings, squats and torso twist
135lb x 8 (2)
185 x 5 (2)

Working Set:
5 x 3 Pause Squat w 3 sec hold at bottom


"Enrique Especial" - LOL Inside Joke

Dips using boxes - 5 x 5 = 25 reps

Strict Pull Ups - 4 x 5 = 20 reps

Pendlay Rows 3-3-3-3-3
Loads =  185lbs, 195lbs, 205lbs, 225lbs, 235lbs

Saturday, January 24, 2015

01242015 Saturday FGB

Today we did FIGHT GONE BAD


I have not done this workout in a minute.  Here is how the morning went.

EMOM 10 min

5 x Burpees


Bench Press
Max - 275#

Fight Gone Bad
as Rx
220 reps.

Friday, January 23, 2015

01232015 Friday Fun

Tonight's WOD was pretty good. I am happy with the outcome.

1 min - 150m Row
2 min - 10 x Squats + 10 x Lunges + 10 x Sit Ups
3 min - 30 sec plank hold + 5 x Push Ups
3 x



Max Triple - 345lbs
I did this beltless,,,and it felt good. I think I can go heavier...I would like to try 355 or even 365.  Not bad without a belt.


Shoulder to Overhead

Front Squat
+ 200m run

Rx - 155lbs
L3 - 135lbs

I did L3....and finished in 14:12

I was pretty happy,  I was able to get 10 then 11 reps then 15 and 9 was able to go unbroken for each movement.  The run sucked..luckily it was only 200m.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

01222015 Thursday WOD

Always great to start the workout with a PR right?

I came in just to work my chest before the wod...but I felt strong and good so I kept going.

135 x 5 (2)
155 x 5
195 x 5
225 x 3
255 x 3
275 x 1
285 x 1
295 x 1
305lbs x 1  ***PR BABY!!!***

So very very happy.  I think I can get 315lbs.  Man it felt good.  With this PR. my total has grown.
Deadlift - 405#
Squat - 365#
Bench - 305#
TOTAL - 1075lbs

1 min - Row 200m
2 min - 5 x Burpees + 15 x squat jumps
3 min - 15 x sit ups + 15 sec plank hold
3 x

3 Rounds For Time - 15 min time cap

400m Run
10 x Clean and Jerk @ L2 = 95lbs
DONE - 13:43

I scaled down to L2 for the simple reason that I am a poor runner. I know my running would slow me down. I know it would take forever for me to run around that damn block.  If the WOD was say 20 min I could of done it L3 at 115lbs or Rx at 135lbs.  No way I can finish in that short of time with a run.

I think I scaled it correctly...I finished in time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

01202015 Tuesday WOD

Happy Birthday to my sister!  Today is her bday!  So I will dedicate tonight's workout to her.

So I came in early again and see what was grooving.  We decided to hit "RANDY."

75 x 75lb Snatches for time
DONE - 6:53

Not bad...I am happy I got it under 7 minutes.

Then I joined the class...

1 min - leg raises for 30 sec
2 min - Row 200m
3 min - med ball toss x 10 + 5 burpees



3 Rounds For Time

10 x Renegade Rows @ on knees
20 x Front Squat w DB
10 x DB Push Press
200m Farmer's Carries w DB

L3 @ 30lb dumbbells.

DONE - 17:22

Pretty good...I wanted to maybe hit 16 min...but I got gassed on the Renegade Rows.  I am happy over all.  Good night!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Supplements

I occasionally get questions regarding supplements. I get asked what I I figured I would post up after I finally took some recent pics of the stuff I am taking.

I am NOT an expert in anything. I know nothing I am nothing.  PLEASE do your own research before trying anything.  That is why I am not going to link any research or make any recommendations. I am just going to show what I take and what amounts...

Here are my goodies...

DAILY. This is what I take every day...


I know there are different takes on quality vs krill oil or sardines or this or that.  I am not 100% sure, so I just buy the most reasonably priced capsules with the most in it. I admit I do not eat enough fish so taking this helps. I dont need to take a certain brand, I just want the most possible.  I do alot of shopping on Vitacost and they have the best prices and their house brand is pretty comparable.  So Fish oil...every day.

It is pretty well studied and accepted...A LOT of people do not get enough vitamin D.  Esp if you are an office drone. You are inside all day and get zero sunshine.  D has also been linked to helping you not get sick or recover being sick faster.  This is the highest dosage available in one pill.  I take this 5 days a week. I dont take on weekends why? Because on weekends guess what....I GO OUTSIDE.  

I take all 3 in a large glass of cold water every morning....

CREATINE - 5 grams
I take CREAPURE which the "brand name" creatine monohydrate.  I take 5 grams every day so my body can absorb it without cycling.  Here is my opinion.  Creatine is one or the most studied supplement in fitness, period.  Tons and tons of studies that show it works. It simply works.  The study shows that there are maybe 10-15% of athletes are "non responders."  But is so cheap why not take it?  Just take it...

BETA ALININE - 6 grams
This is ON's brand of Beta Alinine.  But the name brand of this is CARNOSYN.  This aids in recovery and in a lot of pre and post workouts.

There is no name brand of just get it from anywhere.  I get this and the Carnosyn above from TRUE NUTRITION.    True Nurtrition allows you to buy supplements raw without marketing no fancy ads or containers. It comes plain jane and you save money that way.  You can even order your own custom protein mix.  Citrulline is what they call the "Fatigue Fighter."  It is pretty much in ALL good Pre is what gives you the weird tingling you get all over your body.

I mix all 3 in a glass of water...and drink it every day.

Now..on to the workout stuff....the stuff I take on training days only...

2 types of Pre Workout

So if you dont want to take a Pre Workout can just take these and you have a base pre workout.  All pre workouts have BCAA and Caffeine.  I will take this when I dont want to carry powder with me or lazy to bring a shaker and powder.

PRE JYM - my latest Pre Workout

I have taken many.  I used to take N.O XPlode, I have taken GAT's and even MP's Assault.
Now that I am a tad more educated...I am staying away from "proprietary blends." I want to know exactly what is in there and how much.  That is why Pre Jym is good.  All ingredients are listed clearly and in the correct clinical dosages.  Plus it was a crap load of caffeine that I like. 300mg of it.  Pretty awesome.  I love my caffeine.  I like the stimulant.

I experimented with a non stimulant based PWO...and although it was great I really needed the pump.
I tried HVOL which is pretty good...using that made me realize that I like the caffeine.


I discovered this BCAA mix a few months ago and I fell in love with it.  It is ALL MAX's AMINOCORE.  I really like it because you drink it AS you are working out;  Not before or after. You drink and able to supple the BCAA during a workout.  This is good as another alternative to a traditional PWO powder.

ZMA - Sleepy Time!

This is another Vitacost brand of ZMA.  It is said many athletes or pretty active people lack these vital minerals.  It helps recovery and sleep.  Plus it works when you sleep so on training days I take this before bed.  It does give some pretty crazy dreams.  I read it is because of the vitamin B.  Also...for us guys...this helps in testosterone development.  Us guys need testosterone.

So that is it...all the crap I take to help.

I have to the last 3-4 months...MY RECOVERY IS INCREDIBLE.  Before starting the stack above...I would train 3 days a week and be beat. Super tired and no energy. NOW...I train 5x a week. I take Monday and Wednesdays off but I workout/lift the rest.  I know 1000% I could never do that before.  So if it is placebo...or not. Something is happening...something is working.  There was no way I could workout like this. I am not stopping now. I love it.

So here it is..what I it or hate it...please no flames.  No hate or extra advice.

01182015 Snatch Sunday

Technique Work on Snatch today with some friends.  Good stuff.

As I told my pals, you can literally work on Snatch Technique only for a week and it still wont be perfect.  Practice practice practice.

Shoulders and Squats
Bands and empty bar

Burgener Warm up
x 5

Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5 x 3

Hang High Pulls
5 x 3

Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

Plus other random stuff at the box....good day.

I did not Squat this weekend because we did a lot of squats over the week.  Esp for the mash yesterday I did 225# for 25 I skipped squats.

I wanted to hit chest...but did not get to it...def plan on benching sometime this week.

Happy Sunday all...

and apparently the Seahawks came back and smashed the Packers this afternoon too!  =)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

01172015 Saturday MASH

Gut Check....Reality Check.

That is what I will call this workout.  It was a big hammer to my brain and ego and body.  I will explain below.

Here is the MASH in its glorious Rx form.

And here is what I ugly scaled modified horrible version of this WOD.  Another note...NO ONE did this WOD as Rx.  4 of us did it...and everyone scaled it a little bit.  I just scaled it the most.

This is me:

4 Rounds for time
400m Run
10 x Pull Up + 10 x Banded Ring Dips
Done - 20:33

Rest 10 min

3 Rounds for time
15 x Bar Facing Burpees
1 Round of "DT"
 - 12 x Deadlift
 - 9 x Hang Power Snatch
 - 6 x Push Jerk
@ 135#


*I only completed 2 rounds.  More on that later....

Rest 10 min

200 x Single Jump Ropes
75 x Wall Balls @ 16#
50 x Pull Ups - as Rx
25 x Back Squats @ 225# - as Rx

DONE - 72:19

Let me open my heart Since starting the MASH with the group...maybe 4-5 months?  I have always found a way to get through the workout.  Either by scaling, modifying or lower the reps.  I can find a strategy that works.


When I started the second workout it was already hard doing the burpees.  I stepped over the bar, I did not do it properly, as Rx which is both feet start and both feet end on the jump.  I stepped over..and felt drained.  After doing 1 round,...after a whole year of being a part of this box and doing the mash I WANTED TO QUIT.  Not just rest...but QUIT. I wanted to just stop everything and sit down.  I forced myself to finish that 2nd round and STOPPED.  I just could not finish.

It was such a mental block.  My brain just wanted my body to quit.  I have not felt that way in a long time.

I scrubbed together everything I could to just finish that 2nd round.  It was a bad place for me.

After my 10 min rest I did the 3rd and final workout and it was not as bad.  Worst part was the pull ups. Although I can kip and string together a few. When you are taxed and so drained and tired trying to get through was so hard.  I had to break them down into 5s.  I did sets of was so slow and bad.  I pushed through...and weirdly the best workout was the Back Squat.  I was able to get 10, then 9 and then 6.  I was able to "catch up" while everyone was the backsquat.

This was one of or thee toughest for me...mentally, physically, emotionally. I really had a gut check today.  I need to be better mentally...and get over. I failed myself..and it felt weird.

I want to be better next time...

Friday, January 16, 2015

01162015 Happy Friday

TGIF friends!!

400m run
3 x 10 of Push Ups, Squats + 15 x Jumping Jacks


Max Rep Thruster - 95#

So...since I dont have a front rack I cannot hold the weight in front of me with any "real" yeah it is pretty pathetic and embarrassing.  I have nothing to say about that.

12 Minute AMRAP
100 x Wall Balls @ L3 = 16# ball
90 x Double Unders @ L2 = 180 Singles
30 x Pull ups @ Rx
Completed = 1 Round + 20 Wall Balls

*My goal was to at least complete 1 I was happy I was able to finish.
As you can see above since I mixed up my scaling, technically in the Crossfit cult you have to call my workout level at L2.  You must take the lowest scale you did.  So for example let's say I did everything as prescribed (as Rx) but had to do L2 single jump whole workout is considered L2.  Even if I used a 100lb ball and muscle ups instead etc.  Doesnt matter...the lowest scale you used is the scale for your workout. I did this WOD L2.

I am OK with that...HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

PS. My pull ups were OK.  I completed 8 first time on the bar...then did 5 and 5 and then random 8 then 7 and so on. I found under stress I would lose the rhythm.  Again, this is a skill like tying your shoes or coloring within the line in a coloring book.  Practice makes perfect.  I need to keep practicing so that the pull ups stay fluid in any and all workouts.  I rush it and get too crazy and lose the momentum.  I have to remember that moving forward.  I know I can string together 10 at a time.  I need to work on that.