Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final Thoughts on 2014

Another year...I am going to try and recap what I went through this year.

As with anything in and downs.  I will keep this simple...and break this down into 3 categories. Career, Love and Fitness.

This I took a risk..a gamble...with my career. I spent the last 15 months at my DREAM JOB. It was literally THEE place I wanted to be. For the rest of my life. I was ready to do anything to work there.  I practically did everything...but at the end, it did not happen.  I took a shot and it did not pay off. I have no regrets...I learned so much and had such great experiences.  Things and tools I can take with me to my next gig.  On to the next one.

Earlier this year I became single. My 2 year relationship ended in February.  I dont want to share anymore...sigh.

Then a new love. My sister had a baby boy. My nephew Jaxson.  I am a real uncle...and it is great.

I am lucky in this respect. My family and friends are all well and healthy.  Healthy...which leads to the final category.

I have also been lucky...I found a new family.  My little Crossfit box Highland Park Crossfit. I walked into that place in Feb and had no expectations. But after all this time...I discovered love, friendship and a team. A tribe. I am very very happy. I have reached my goals and keep getting better. I have hit all the goals I wanted. I hit all my numbers in my lifts.

As I look into 2015...I know what I am going to work on.

I will keep:

I wont stop...I want to get pull ups where they are super easy and stress free. I will keep doing these.

I wont stop these...I need to get stronger and better in my squats. My mobility is so bad...I have to keep going.

What's new? New GOALS FOR 2015.

I can jump rope singles are strong. I have the Rx rope which is awesome...I know HOW to do DUs...I just cant..and it is 100% a skill that can be learned through practice.  It is not like other things like handstand push ups or muscle ups.  This skill can be learned.  I plan on practicing until I get them.

It has been too long.  I ignored it for too long.  I need to work on my wrists and shoulders and get the mobility so I can finally have a decent position.  Again...after research...the only way to get this if you dont already have the to keep doing it.  Keep wrenching and wrenching until your limbs bend.  I plan on dedicating time to working on my front rack and proper position.

I have been training 5x a week...and loving it.
I want to keep this up through the new year.

Happy New Year!

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