Saturday, December 27, 2014

12272014 Sat WOD

This morning was a good workout.  I was pleasantly surprised that everyone did so well. We did alot of work.  Very pleased with #teamHPCF!

400m Run

Partner A - Wall Sit
Partner B - performs 10 x Squats, Push Ups and Sit ups
100m Run
*switch 2 xs.


Max Rep Pull Ups in 1 min = 11
Rest 1 min
Max Rep Pull Ups in 1 min = 15
26 TOTAL!!!!
*very happy with this. I can do singles via a kip pretty well. I just cannot get a rhythm going. I need need need to work on that.  But if I need to pull singles I can. Doing much better.

25 x Burpees
50 x Lateral Jumps over Bar

3 x Deadlift
3 x Power Clean
3 x Front Squat
*I did not drop the bar.  The above was performed as a complex. If I dropped the bar, I would have to start over and the rep would not count. #Boom!  =)

Rest 2 minutes

50 x Lateral Jumps over Bar
25 x Burpees

DONE - 20:25!!!!!

RX was 185#, L3 was 155# so I did L2. If I was fresh and feeling fancy I would of tried L3 @ 155 but after yesterday's mash I knew I could not do it.

I was pretty pleases at what I got done in 20 mins.  It was pretty amazing. In fact the whole class did VERY WELL! We all finished around 21-22 minutes.  EVERYONE!

I am proud.  Very proud.

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