Friday, December 26, 2014

12262014 Mash

Special Friday MASH!  Having the day off...made for a nice Mash today. not a term we wanted to use..but yeah.  It was pretty are the gory details.


and it was guest programmed by the one and only Miranda Oldroyd

yah she is pretty bad ass...

anyways...per usual here is what I did...scaled and modified for ME.

Row 1000m
100 x Med Ball cleans @ 20#

Rest 5 min

300 x Single Jump Rope
100 x Box Pull Ups
*jump rope is feeling better. I can pretty much do 70-80 singles unbroken, Maybe 100.  With the RX jump rope, I am using my wrists more and can really feel the rope.  2015 is the year of the double unders for sure.  Let me just say the Rx Jump Rope is pretty much the best. Yes it is pretty expensive.  $50 for a jump rope...but so worth it. This rope is great.

Rest 5 min

75 x Burpees
50 x Power Snatch @ 95#
* we dont have 70lb DB at our box.  We have 53# KB but that was a tad heavy. As a group we all agree to use a power snatch instead.

Rest 5 min

50 x Thrusters @ 75#
25 x Pull Ups
* thrusters were pretty crappy. Lots of "bro reps" and I admit it.
**my pull ups were actually not that bad. I am finding out I can do triples pretty decent.  I can jump up pull 3 and jump back up and just keep going.  I still need to practice my kip/butterfly but just banging out pull ups, I can do triples pretty least that is what it felt like today.

DONE - 85:05

What a took us all almost 90 mins...1 hour and a

It was tough.  Happy we were done.

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