Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12232014 Tuesday WOD

Pull ups suck...WORK IN PROGRESS.

I swear...I know I have gotten better. Improved. I can honestly say I have "mastered" A PULL UP. In an isolated context of course. I have about 3-5 strict dead hang pull ups. Maybe a couple more if I kip. I do need to learn how to kip correctly because I simply cannot get the rhythm at all.  Lastly...my butterflies. I am able to kinda sorta string together 2-4 at a time. Chin over bar. But it aint pretty.

400m Run
3 x 10 of Squats, Sit ups and Jumping Jacks

"Chaos Squats"
I personally have never heard of these...but I have seen the exercise. It is basically squatting with KBs attached via a band at the ends. This of course creates an unbalanced bar and forces you to engage your core. It is less about weight more about form and balance and keeping a tight core throughout.

Another shot...

We did 4 x 10.
We started with an empty bar plus 2 x 20lb KBs.  Worked to a 115# + 40lbs KB for out last set of 10.
Great accessory movement, I appreciated this as our skill.  Good stuff.

CASH IN - 50 x Wall Balls @ 16#
200m Run
20 x KBS @ 44#
15 x Pull Ups @ Rx
CASH OUT - 50 x Wall Balls @ 16#

Time cap was 17 Mins
Coach let us go to 20 Mins
I did not finish...I got to 48 x Wall Balls..just 2 shy.


*obviously it was the pull ups that slowed me down.  I did all my KBS unbroken.  My run was usually slow per always...but the KBS being unbroken kept me in the mix.  I did my pull ups in triples, 4x and singles...all the way to get to 20. It was not pretty.  I really need to practice that like more.

I will always practice pull ups I think...even when and if I ever become "proficient" I will practice them.  It's now a habit..I try to always do pull ups when I can. At least a couple before I leave the gym.

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