Saturday, December 20, 2014

12202014 Saturday MASH

Ok...2nd day back. I took it easy yesterday and the WOD was mostly body weight stuff so it was a good primer to get my back in the swing.

So this morning I jumped right back and did the mash. ALONE...well, one of our guys came later and he did it after.

Per is the as Rx posted by Crossfit Linchpin

MONSTER MASH - Crossfit Linchpin

here is what I personally did:

80 x wall balls @ 16#
40 x HSPU @ on my knees on a box
20 x deadlifts @ 315#

Rest 10 mins

Regular Pull Ups - I will freely admit I probably "bro repped" A LOT. I mean A LOT.
Kettle Bell Swings @ 53#
Goblet Squats @ 53#

Rest 10 mins

Power Snatch @ 115#
14 x Ring Rows after each set

70:04 DONE!!!

I must say the deadlifts were very hard.  I broke them up at first by 5...then it went to 4 then at the end I was doing my best to pull triples.

Also the ring rows at the end got me...I broke down the power snatch into 3s. That also got heavy real quick.

Great workout and great way to get back into the mix.  I am tired and I will be sore tomorrow...all good though. I feel refreshed. And Strong!!!


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