Friday, December 19, 2014

12192014 Friday WOD

First WOD back after a week off.  A week of being SICK.  I had a nagging achy body and stuffed up head. So I took it slow.

400m Run

Max Squat Clean

I cant do I was able to work on my front rack. I stretched and had my mobility worked on. I used the 15 min for this skill to really work on my mobility so I can get a front rack...eventually.


80 x Squat
70 x Sit ups - I admit to cheating and only did about 50 or so. I was cramping up. =( fail.
60 x Lunges
50 x Push ups
40 x Goblet squats @ 35# It was L2.
30 x Kettlebell swings
20 x Burpees

18:00 min time cap
I finished in 16:17

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