Thursday, December 11, 2014

12112014 Thursday WOD

Tonight we did this...

Crossfit,com 's Wed 12/10 WOD.

this workout sucked...well OK..not that bad but bad, if that makes sense.

400m Run

With a partner
P1 - Holds a Med Ball in full squat (we used a 14# ball)
P2 - Performs 10 x Sit Up, 10 x Push Up and 10 x Jumping Jacks
We do this 2 x each...4 times total.

Sots Press

5 x 3 - I did 95# for it did not count.  My final weight was 45# = Empty Bar.
This movement is way really works your core, balance, bottom of squat and shoulders.  It really really taxes your shoulders. I should really practice this more.  I may do that on Sunday Squat day aka Open Box.

The above...
1 min - Squat Clean
1 min - Push Jerk
2 min - SC
2 min - PJ
3 min - SC
3 min - PJ
as RX = 135#, I did it at L3 = 115#
and, I further scaled it and performed power cleans. Same reason...I do not and cannot hold a front rack so I cannot squat with weight in front of me.  I can barely do it with an empty bar.  Any movement that requires a front rack I simply cannot do.  I know I know I need to work work work on it.  I plan on doing it next year.  I will declare 2015 the year of front rack and double unders.

I did a total of 71 reps across all the 12 minutes.  Not too bad.
It is weird...115# gets heavy real quick. I mean quick.  I know I cant be getting weaker at all...but man...I know 135# would of killed me.

Well...that's all folks.  Good night!

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