Saturday, December 6, 2014

12062014 Saturday MASH

Oh man...what a morning.  I mean wow.  This is one of those workouts that you are kind of PROUD you did it...and finished it.  Sure we had to scale it...we had to modify it.  I believe still the workload was still super intense and everyone felt great AFTER we did it.  Let's get into it.

I got to the box early to warm up. I need an old man I need more time then the youngins.
I did a 1500m Row and stretched.

We decided that this week's mash was "not good" so we picked on from JUNE 2, 2014.

You can see it As RX here...Crossfit Linchpin

Seriously as Rx is for elite level athletes.  It is a definite fire breather workout.  So here is what WE did and what I did.

00:00 - For Time

100 x Double Unders = I did 200 singles
80 x Wall Balls @ 20# = I used a 16# ball
60 x Push ups
400m Run
20 x Handstand Push ups = I did them on my knees off a box
10 x Power Cleans @ 185# = I did 135#
5 x Muscle Ups = I did 5 strict pull ups

Rest 5 Min

3 Rounds
10 x Front Squats @ 185# = I used 135#
20 x Chest to Bar = I did 10 strict pull ups
50 x Double Unders = I did 100 singles

Rest 5 Min

For Time

100 x Overhead Squats @ 95# *
*I started with 95# did 5 and it was too heavy. I was no way going to complete 100 reps.  So I lowered to 75#.  I then did 25 reps at this weight.  I was going to just do 50 and quit, but my friends all pushed me and told me to just do the empty bar (45#) and finish the 100 reps.  So I did...I did the remaining 70 reps with an empty bar to finish.

I finished this in 68:03

Everyone was BEAT after this BEAT. Shows how great it was.
Pretty happy with my performance this workout.  Good stuff.  Until next mash!

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