Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11262014 Wed WOD

Thanksgiving eve...what to do? Go workout...

400m Run

3 x
10 x Push Up
15 x Jumping Jacks
10 x Sit ups
10 x Scorpions (5 x each leg)


5 x 1 Max Hang Snatch
* I was able to get this weight because I was able to power snatch it.  When doing a full snatch my "working weight" is 95#.  Same issue...mobility. I cannot get below parallel.  I need lots and lots of warm up.  if I know I am going to practice snatch, I do tons of snatch balance and overhead squats so I can warm up enough to even just hit parallel.  The struggle is real.



Hang Cleans @ 95# = L2

Ring Dips @ Banded

Now with this WOD, I scaled way down.  95# power cleans I can do all day.  I THINK I could have done 115# but it would of taken me forever.  I made the choice..this was supposed to be a pretty fast workout sub 15 min for sure and I know my dips are pretty fast on the band and at 95# I can go pretty fast for the cleans.  The burpees would be my crutch.  So I scaled enough to finish in a decent time.

I finished in....12:03

Not bad...exactly how I wanted it.  But yes the burpees were my slowest.

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