Saturday, November 22, 2014

11222014 Sat Mash and Kickball

Lovely Fall Saturday in Los Angeles....70s and sunshine...yup. This is So Cal living...

Got to the box around 750AM

2k Row - slow and steady 10 min

Stretch - empty bar good mornings - lower back


the link above is Rx...I will post what I did this morning.  Which was basically 2/3 Rx.

Start a running clock:

21 x Deadlifts @ 225#  as Rx
200m Run = 50 m shuttle runs x 2
15 x Deadlifts
200m Run
9 x Deadlifts

Rest 5 Minutes

Repeat above replace Deadlifts with Thrusters @ 75# *my scaled  as Rx was 95#

Rest 5 Minutes

Repeat above replace Thrusters with Power Snatch @ 75# as Rx

Stop Clock.

Most of my friend finished at or below 30 mins.  I finished in 41:20.
I had to scale the thrusters as that is my worst movement. Again...full disclosure as I say it evertime, my thrusters were probably NO REP on most of them. I barely can squat down with the very little weight. It totally sucks.  So scaled thrusters...and to be honest the deadlifts took alot of of me...and worst per usual was the run.  It seems super easy...50m x 4, 100m x 2...easy right?  Man it takes alot out of you.

I wanted to finish it UNDER 40 I did not accomplish that, but I am happy I finished.

Another Mash done!

After that our box all met up to play kickball at the local park.  We had lots of fun and after we ended the game in a TIE...we headed back to the box and we had a taco man come by and we all got fed,

Huge thank you to Coach Jose for his support and hosting a great morning.

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