Saturday, November 15, 2014

11152014 Saturday Mash

Here is the workout as is what I did.

1500 slow row.

400m Run
Fran @ 75#
*my thrusters were horrible. Again, I have said it before it is more like a push press. Really bad.
**I did pull ups off the box,
400m Run
Fran @ 75#
400m run

Power cleans @ 155#
Banded ring dips

30 x sit ups
45 x knees to chest
*I simply cannot do sit ups without my stomach from cramping. I am just so scared now, I am gun shy to do sit ups.  It sucks...

Push jerks were as Rx
and Row was Rx

I finished in....


Not great at all....sigh.

At least I finished..bleh....

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