Thursday, November 13, 2014

11082014 Crossfit Frenzy Throwdown


 On Saturday I did my FIRST "real" CrossFit Competition....I use REAL in quotes because I did participate in 2011 at Fight Gone Bad. But that did not really count...

Crossfit Frenzy hosted...


I say it did not count because FGB was 100% for charity and you pretty much paid money to workout.  You raised money so you could do the FGB WOD. No winners no losers, you just worked out to workout.  This was a real competition.

3 WODS throughout the day...

I was in Men's Beginner..of course.  I was in Heat 1, Lane 6.

Here are the workouts - beginner scale

WOD #1
10 min AMRAP
5 x Wall Walks
7 x Overhead Squats @ 65#
60 x Jump Rope Singles

I completed 3 rounds.

WOD #2
8 min AMRAP
Thrusters @ 75#
Banded Pull Ups

I #DNF this workout. I got to the set of 15 pull ups and completed 11 as the time ran out.

WOD #3
12 Min AMRAP
3 Rounds of "11-8-14"

11 x Burpee Box Jump Overs 24" Box
8 x Back Squat @ 125# (from the floor)
14 x Knees to Chest

I completed the 3 rounds in about 11:40....not bad.

At the end...I placed 14th overall out of 17 competitors.  I achieved my goal of NOT COMING IN LAST.  I am pretty happy about that.  My best event was the 1st where I placed 11th, the 2nd event I was 15th and the last one I placed 14th.






Henry over here thought it would be a good idea to take a nap....




This is the best pic...all of the team before we hit it...before our first workout....


My take away was being in a "competition" mode really pushed me farther. The WOD 1 and WOD 3 I would NEVER have finished in the time allowed if we had it programmed at the box.  I know this.  Everyone knows this. But I pushed and completed theses workouts and finished them.  For sure I am changing one thing...I will always use a 24" box moving forward.  After doing 3 rounds of 11x Burpee Box Jump overs in that last workout...a 24" is cake. I always just used the 20" because it was easier duh..and I was lazy.

The whole team did awesome and everyone learned something about themselves.  About where their weaknesses are...where and what to focus on moving forward.  The camaraderie and team building was also amazing.  Such a great experience.  other highlights...

Our coach Lorena placed first in the women's beginner. Val placed 5th in the same category.  Vic placed 4th in his first ever competition in Men's intermediate.  We are so proud of everyone...good stuff for sure.

Looking forward to see what 2015 has to offer....and what we and I can do.  WE ARE LIMITLESS!!



**One downer...I did not get my COMPETITOR SHIRT!!!  BOOOO!  When I signed up I requested a XXL shirt.  Upon arrival and check in, they had NO MORE SHIRTS IN MY SIZE.  The lady at check in was very nice and felt bad for me.  She and many people of the MAIN REASONS to compete is to EARN YOUR SHIRT.  Same goes for any of these events.  Tough Mudder, or Spartan Race want that shirt that says FINISHER or COMPETITOR or ATHLETE on it...the shirt you get the you ONLY GET once you compete.  I was so excited to FINALLY have FIRST ever.  Apparently Crossfit Frenzy missed the XXL by 1.  There were 4 signed up and they only had 3.  So if I checked in earlier I might of gotten a shirt and someone else would be assed out.  I am in contact with the gym owner now and she is looking into getting me a shirt. FINGERS CROSSED that I can get one...I REALLY REALLY want my competitor shirt.

I will update on this situation...bleh.   =(

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