Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11042014 Tuesday WOD

Tonight will be my last full WOD before this Saturday's competition in Bakersfield.

Crossfit Frenzy 3rd Annual THROWDOWN.

The event is on Saturday 11/8.

I am planning on resting tomorrow, then going in on Thursday night to row and maybe jumprope, work on my pull ups etc.  Just a little movement, get a little sweat going that's it.  Just want to stay loose.

Here is tonight's workout.

400m Run w 15# weight and stop at each corner and perform 10 x OHS.


Hang Cleans
5 x 3 = heavy triple
I got to 135#
*honest I may have gotten more but I wanted to save myself for the upcoming workout...so I did not go crazy.  I stopped and 135# and did it 2x.

800m Run
70 x Goblet Squat @ 44#
60 x Pull Ups @ 50 x box and 10 x "sloppy butterflies" broken into 4+4+2
50 x Push Ups
40 x V ups
30 x KB snatch @ 44#
20 x KB lunges @ 44#
10 x Burpees

25 Min Time Cap
DONE - 23:39

Not bad...truth is the box pull up saved me massive time. I also went 15 x 2 unbroken each arm on the KB Snatch.  That is how I caught up to the rest of the class. Of course the run is what slowed me down. My push ups were decent too, I did 15 for the first and then 10 the rest of the way to finish.

As the day gets closer and closer..man I am getting nervous.  UGH!!!

Stay tuned on the blog as I will update and I hope to take a bunch of pics to share!

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