Friday, October 10, 2014

10102014 Happy Friday WOD


I am confident to say this was one of my best WODs I have ever done.  Finally 2 movements I am good legit GOOD.  Check it out!

3 x 10 of
Jumping Jacks



Front Squats
only got to 115#

*I always say..with no front front squat.  So I went light.  Plus I was really tired.  So I took it easy for the skill knowing I wanted to really try and do well on the WOD.


25 x Push Press
25 x Push Ups
200m Run
20 x Push Press
20 x Push Up
200m Run
15 x Push Press
15 x Push Up
200m Run
10 x Push Press
10 x Push up
200m Run
5 x Push Press
5 x Push up

Rx = 115#
L3 = 95#

DONE - 14:49 !!!!!!!!!

I told myself I want to finish in 15 mins as that was the average from the whole day.  I went down to L3 again since I was feeling tired.  But now I know I can press 95# pretty easily, I will DEFINITELY do Rx next time.

Of course where others are GOOD AT RUNNING and can MAKE UP TIME...I did the opposite.  I used the run as an active rest. I jogged and walked.  I rested so I can come in and perform the push presses UNBROKEN.

Push Press
25 Reps I did 15 then 10
20 Reps I did 10 and 10

The push ups I did as best I can. I broke them down as needed.

I know my push ups got ugly towards the end but I pushed through and finished UNDER THE TIME I told myself.

So HAPPY.  Great great Friday!

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