Thursday, October 9, 2014

01092014 Thursday WOD

Tonight was tough...I mean tough.  Ugh...but like most good workouts, it feels good AFTER.  Here is what we did.

400m Run


Handstand Walks as Rx
*obviously only like 3% of us could do most people practiced handstand holds etc.
I was able to hold my handstand for about 10-12 sec 3xs.
BUT...I cannot kick my fat butt on the wall. I had someone help me.  I NEED to practice the handstand.  I promise myself the next Sunday open box after I squat I am going to practice.


30 x KBS @ L3 = 44#, as Rx was 53#

20 x Box Jimps @ L3 = 20" box I stepped up and jumped a few but mostly stepped up.

10 x Burpees

24 min time cap
DONE - 23:04

Oh man...brutal.  Everyone got their asses kicked.  Good workout tonight for sure.

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