Thursday, September 18, 2014

09182014 Thursday WOD

Tonight was a good workout for me.  It felt good. felt GREAT!

400m Run @ each corner Banded OHS x 15


EMOM 10 min
5 x Snatch @ 95#

*This was great for me. I could of went for 15 minutes..maybe 20 minutes.  This was one workout I was able to take head on and not worry not stress out and just focus getting that weight over head.  This was awesome.  if we ever do this again I am going to go for 115#.  This was great.

15 Min AMRAP
10 x squats
10 x sit ups
2 x C+J @ 135#  - L2.  Rx was 185#

Completed 9 rounds + 8 sit ups

*the sit ups were my slowest movement. I was scared of cramping up so I was taking my time. I may have paced it slower than I should of.  I probably could of finished over 10.  11 or even 12 rounds.

Tonight was good...obviously I do my best and feel my best when it is movements I am familiar with and have a decent proficiency in.  This WOD was one of those...

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