Friday, September 12, 2014

09122014 Friday Night Party Crew

Tonight was a fun night.  It was a small class compared to others and we had a joke that the 7PM Friday class is either the PARTY CREW or...the lonely only class...because let's face it if you are in the 7PM class you aint going out that night. LOL.

We all had a good attitude, which meant a great energy.  We had fun...and worked our asses off.

400m Run
2 x 10 of Push ups/sit ups/squats


Back Squat
5 x 5
I did 235#
I did that beltless and I wanted to take it relatively easy.  So I am actually pretty happy that the 235 felt light enough and do-able.  I usually put the belt on as soon as I get to 225# so this was a good exercise for me.  Very happy with 235#.


Deadlifts @ L3 = 185#

Box Jumps @ 20"

Burpees on a Plate @ Rx = 45# plate
Time cap was 15 min.

last one...the LAST ONE to finish.

This was the hardest I pushed in a long time.  I had it in my head...I wasnt going to finish.  I was fully prepared to DNF.  I really was ready to not finish.  It was around 11 or 12 mins when I started my last 9 deadlifts.  I was able to go unbroken...and then I looked that I did it so fast the box step ups were do able..again un broken.  Then the clock showed me that I could actually finish this.  The burpees was the hardest for me..and my slowest.  But...I did it. I finished.

Every once in a while you need a good push...a true deep in your gut push.  Tonight I pushed myself passed where I wanted to go. I pushed passed my mental end. I am happy.  Thank you to my family at the box for helping me.  I was dead last but I finished.

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