Thursday, September 11, 2014

09112014 Memorial WOD

A day to remember.  13 years since the terrorist shook the US. We will never forget.
We dedicate this WOD to commemorate today.

I have been sick for the past 5 days...first day back and I wanted/needed to take it easy...ugh. Man it was tough.

400m Run with Med Ball @ 14#
stop at every corner and perform
5 x squats to the med ball
5 x squats with med ball


400m run
1 min rest
400m run

Not bad...I guess. I felt I had a good pace.

20 min AMRAP
3 x Power Cleans @ 95#
4 x Front Squats @ 95#
3 x Bar Muscle ups - scaled 9 x banded pull ups + 9 x banded ring dips
I completed 5 rounds.

I lowered the weight to a manageable weight.  95# but after the 4th round I felt light headed. I pushed to do 1 more round and I knew I was done.  I used the correct band for the pull up and for the ring dip.  I can perform dips, but the rings def make it harder.  I am going to practice that since I know I can rep up dips all day.  But yeah...I felt dizzy towards the end and decided to stop at 5 rounds.

My partner and I were on par, I was pacing with him but had to quit.  I plan on going in tomorrow and doing another easy workout and kick this sickness.

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