Wednesday, September 3, 2014

09032014 Humpday WOD

I suck at Thrusters...period.

400m Run
10 x burpees

3 x - 10 x push up, 10 x squats, 10 x jumping jacks



3K Row in teams of 3
We finished in 2nd place with a time of 12:49
YAY! to my team Nancy and Rachael!!!


15 x Thrusters @ L2 = 65#

I will freely thrusters were horrible. I probably NO REP every one. It was more like an ugly push press.  I pretty much did ZERO legit thrusters.  Another thing...after the row my forearms and biceps where throbbing so seriously, I could not bend my arms into the little pathetic front rack I do have.  So yeah it was bad on all fronts...

15 x Burpees
Finished in 11:09
With a 12 min time cap...I just barely finished...I suck.

regarding burpees...this makes me chuckle...

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