Sunday, September 28, 2014

09282014 Squat Sunday and Recap

Ahh...Sundays.  gotta love Sundays.  I tried something new and did not quite make it.


Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135# x 10 (2)
225# x 5
245# x 10
*I was going for a body weight squat of 5 x 10.  After that first 10 I was pooped...could not do it.  So I changed the workout.
4 x 5 @ 245#

225# x 5 (3)
315# x1 (2)

Stretch and roll

RECAP - Supplements and switching training schedules.

This last month...about 4 weeks in I have switched my training schedule.  I am now going to the gym./box 5 x a week.  That is a big deal for me.  I am surprised and proud of myself.

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday - Crossfit WOD
Sunday - Lifting Only

Also this last week I began taking a new stack of supplements.  I am stacking:
Beta Alinine
Citrulline Malate

I have to admit it is working. My recover is great. Usually when I would train 4x a week I would be BEAT. So sore I cannot walk and everything hurt.  Now after 5 days of training and Saturday being really really hard...I am OK. I am better than OK...good stuff.  I try to maintain this 5x a week and see how it goes.  But I am feeling great.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

09272014 Saturday WOD

This morning I did one of my best workouts. Not only was it hard as crap but I did most of it as Rx. Which means I did it as it should be done with no scaling or lowering the weight or changing the movement.  Volume wise and over all work completed I was so happy and so proud of what I did this morning.

At my box, the regularly scheduled classes are 10 and noon.  But a few of our more experienced members would meet earlier at around 830AM and get in a really hard workout taken from one of the big boxes.  Basically doing a programmed workout from another gym that is set for elite or competition level athletes.  This early class is great as there is no "education" process.  You are expected to know the movements and know how and where to scale. You get the workout and do it...there is no babysitting or hardcore coaching like in a regular WOD.  It has been nicknamed the Power Hour.  I came in today because I had plans for later in the afternoon so I could not make the 10AM class and decided to come to the earlier one and just try my best.  Little did I know that this would be one of my best workouts ever.  Here is what we did:

WARM UP *on my own
Remember there is no "set" warm up like in regular class. You are expected to warm up as needed and be ready to work.

1500m Row  - slow
band stretches


1 x Big Clean Complex
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Push Press + High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Push Jerk + High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Split Jerk

400m Run

Rx = 155#
I did 95#
This first workout I had to scale way down. The rest of the guys lowered to 135# and it was still hard for them. I lowered to 95# and got it done..of course my slow spot was the run as usual.

155# Deadlift
24" Over/unders

I did this as Rx!!!

10 min AMRAP

Burpee/Pull Up Ladder
2+2/4+4/6+6 etc for 10 mins.

Perform 2 burpees, perform 2 pull ups

I only got to 8...but I did it AS RX. No box, no band,,,I did all those Pull ups!!

So happy with everything this morning!  Great workout for sure and I did it all!  So happy I finished this morning. I surprised myself and I am going to keep working. Super inspired.

Friday, September 26, 2014

092620 Friday WOD

Friday night fun at the box....

400m Run
3 x
10 x Squats
10 x Jumping Jacks
10 x Burpees (I only did 5...I can be honest.)

Work to a 5RM
3 x 5
115# was my working set

3 RFT - Rounds For Time
400m Run
20 x Goblet Squats
20 x Box Jumps
20 x KBS

I used 44# Kettlebell and a 20" box

Finished in 19:23
I was dead last...but not by much.  My only saving grace was strength.  I was able to pick up the KB and not drop it. For the squats I was able to do 10 x 2 taking a small rest but still hold the KB. For the swings I was able to go unbroken for all.  The run was my worst...slowest.  The box jumps are also not my fastest either.

Tough workout tonight for sure...and the front squat was horrible.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

09252014 Thursday FRAN

Fran really does.

400m Run


5 x Squat Cleans
EMOM for 6 mins

I used 75#

Partner WOD - Teams of 2


Thrusters @ 65#
Pull Ups @ Box Pull Ups

P1 - performs Fran
P2 - performs Fran
P1 & P2 - completes Fran together

DONE - 15;36

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

09232014 Tuesday WOD

Just a normal Tuesday night workout.  Good night for sure!

400m Run
@ each corner stop and perform:
5 x standing chest press
5 x overhead press
w/ 25# plate


Bench Press
5 x 5
@ 195#

3 Rounds For Time
30 x Kettlebell Swings @ 44#
30 x Wall Balls @ 14# med ball
200m Run with med ball

Done - 15:23

Tabata - 20 sec on, 10 sec off - 4 Minutes
Mountain Climbers
Sit ups
Plank up and downs
Mountain Climbers

Sunday, September 21, 2014

09212014 Sunday work

Open Box...I was planning on hitting a back squat PR but did not feel it. I did not feel strong. So I backed is the session.

Burgener Warm Up + 10 air squats x 3

135# x 5 x 2
165# x 5
185# x 5 x 2
225# x 5, x 3, x 3
255# x 1

Stretching the shoulders for the front rack practice.

front rack hold as long as possible (5-10 sec) x 5

Power Cleans


135# x 10 x 2
185# x 5 x 2
225# x 3 x 2
275# x 1


Saturday, September 20, 2014

09202014 Saturday Fun

Happy Saturday!!

Partner Row
250m Row   - P1
Squat hold - P2
x 2

1500m Partner Row
My girl Val and I had the best time.  6;20
not bad!!


Cash in - 200 single jump rope (as Rx was 100 dubs)

box jumps
goblet squats

Cash out - 200 single jump rope

Done 10:19

After class...I stayed and completed

135# x 2
225# x 3 was pretty hard to get those triples done...but felt good.

09192014 Friday Night Party Box

400m run

200m Run w/ 14# Med Ball
1 min rest
400m Run w/ 14# Med Ball
Done - 5:09

90 x Squats
80 x Sit ups - last 30 reps did Russian Twists
70 x Lunges
60 x Supermans
50 x Push Ups
40 x Kettle Bell Swings @ 44#
30 x Pull Ups @ Banded
20 x Up and Downs
10 x Burpees

DONE - 22:15

Sit ups - I started cramping up. I need to drink more water or stretch out my abs. I never can do more than maybe 50 sit ups before my belly feels like it is going to explode. I had to finish my last 30 reps substituting Russian Twists with a 14# med ball.

Pull Ups - I use a band and I will confess the last 10 or so were ugly and pretty much a no rep. I think I barely got my nose to the bar.  It was brutal...

Everything else I performed perfectly and was very pleased with my workout.

Good all the way around.

As per the new custom, we all hung around and talked shit..literally.  Chisme Friday is official...if you are not in the gym, you may be the subject!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

09182014 Thursday WOD

Tonight was a good workout for me.  It felt good. felt GREAT!

400m Run @ each corner Banded OHS x 15


EMOM 10 min
5 x Snatch @ 95#

*This was great for me. I could of went for 15 minutes..maybe 20 minutes.  This was one workout I was able to take head on and not worry not stress out and just focus getting that weight over head.  This was awesome.  if we ever do this again I am going to go for 115#.  This was great.

15 Min AMRAP
10 x squats
10 x sit ups
2 x C+J @ 135#  - L2.  Rx was 185#

Completed 9 rounds + 8 sit ups

*the sit ups were my slowest movement. I was scared of cramping up so I was taking my time. I may have paced it slower than I should of.  I probably could of finished over 10.  11 or even 12 rounds.

Tonight was good...obviously I do my best and feel my best when it is movements I am familiar with and have a decent proficiency in.  This WOD was one of those...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

09162014 Tuesday WOD

Bikram Crossfit!

It was so HOT.  It is 9:20PM as I am typing this and it is 77 degrees.  What do you think it was at 7PM? INSIDE the BOX? OMG... goes.

400m Run
Stop at every corner and perform 15 x squats



Power Clean + Clean + Thruster
I got to 95#

30 x Wall Balls @ 14#
20 x Burpee Box Jump Over
30 x Kettle Bell Swings @ 35#
20 min time cap

...I DNF...lots of people in class did not finish. The WOD was hard. So in 20 mins I completed:
2 Rounds + 32 Reps

Yeah...and I was drenched...everyone was drenched. We sweated like crazy.  What a workout...wish I was able to finish.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

09142014 Sunday - Snatch Work

What a week...a good week indeed.  Let's get to today's training.


Burgener Warm up + 10 air squats x 3


Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5 x 3 @ 135#

Snatch Grip Shrugs x 2
Snatch Grip High Pulls x 2
4 x 3 @ 95#

Snatch Balance x 2
Overhead Squat x 2
x 5
EB, 55#, 75#, 95#, 115#

5 x 1
EB, 55#, 95# x 3 PR

Today was the 4th day of consecutive training.  I came back from being sick on Thursday...had a not so great workout. I felt light headed.  Then Friday night had a good workout that I pushed myself.  Saturday I hit a couple great PRs doing the Crossfit Total.  Then today...did a bunch of tech work and hit a PR in a real snatch.  Good 4 days...but I am definitely ready to rest.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

09132014 Crossfit Total

Today Coach was nice and finally granted my wish to do the CROSSFIT TOTAL.

Here is the workout.

I got to the box early and rowed a 1500m nice and slow to warm up.  Did a lot of banded shoulder stretches.

400m Run


400m Relay
team of 3.
Our time 5;23

Crossfit Total

1RM of
Strict Press
Back Squat
for a total score.

This is definitely one of my favorite Crossfit Benchmark WODs.  For obvious reasons.  We had 10 mins to get our max.

Here is how I did.

Back Squat - 305#

Strict Press - 185#

Deadlift - 405#

TOTAL - 895#

Not bad...I am happy I got PRs in my backsquat and press.  Love love love it.

Then...we extended class for an extra 10 mins and we did a quick met con.

20 x KBS @ 35#
10 x DB Thrusters @ 15#
I finished in 5:13

Yes...I used a very light DB.  I usually use 44# for my KBS but there was none left and I was NOT going to swing a 55# after completed the I went lighter.

It was a full day...full body...full workout. was also HOT AF!!! was like 90 in the morning, Super hot LA day.

Very happy day.  Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 12, 2014

09122014 Friday Night Party Crew

Tonight was a fun night.  It was a small class compared to others and we had a joke that the 7PM Friday class is either the PARTY CREW or...the lonely only class...because let's face it if you are in the 7PM class you aint going out that night. LOL.

We all had a good attitude, which meant a great energy.  We had fun...and worked our asses off.

400m Run
2 x 10 of Push ups/sit ups/squats


Back Squat
5 x 5
I did 235#
I did that beltless and I wanted to take it relatively easy.  So I am actually pretty happy that the 235 felt light enough and do-able.  I usually put the belt on as soon as I get to 225# so this was a good exercise for me.  Very happy with 235#.


Deadlifts @ L3 = 185#

Box Jumps @ 20"

Burpees on a Plate @ Rx = 45# plate
Time cap was 15 min.

last one...the LAST ONE to finish.

This was the hardest I pushed in a long time.  I had it in my head...I wasnt going to finish.  I was fully prepared to DNF.  I really was ready to not finish.  It was around 11 or 12 mins when I started my last 9 deadlifts.  I was able to go unbroken...and then I looked that I did it so fast the box step ups were do able..again un broken.  Then the clock showed me that I could actually finish this.  The burpees was the hardest for me..and my slowest.  But...I did it. I finished.

Every once in a while you need a good push...a true deep in your gut push.  Tonight I pushed myself passed where I wanted to go. I pushed passed my mental end. I am happy.  Thank you to my family at the box for helping me.  I was dead last but I finished.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

09112014 Memorial WOD

A day to remember.  13 years since the terrorist shook the US. We will never forget.
We dedicate this WOD to commemorate today.

I have been sick for the past 5 days...first day back and I wanted/needed to take it easy...ugh. Man it was tough.

400m Run with Med Ball @ 14#
stop at every corner and perform
5 x squats to the med ball
5 x squats with med ball


400m run
1 min rest
400m run

Not bad...I guess. I felt I had a good pace.

20 min AMRAP
3 x Power Cleans @ 95#
4 x Front Squats @ 95#
3 x Bar Muscle ups - scaled 9 x banded pull ups + 9 x banded ring dips
I completed 5 rounds.

I lowered the weight to a manageable weight.  95# but after the 4th round I felt light headed. I pushed to do 1 more round and I knew I was done.  I used the correct band for the pull up and for the ring dip.  I can perform dips, but the rings def make it harder.  I am going to practice that since I know I can rep up dips all day.  But yeah...I felt dizzy towards the end and decided to stop at 5 rounds.

My partner and I were on par, I was pacing with him but had to quit.  I plan on going in tomorrow and doing another easy workout and kick this sickness.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

09032014 Humpday WOD

I suck at Thrusters...period.

400m Run
10 x burpees

3 x - 10 x push up, 10 x squats, 10 x jumping jacks



3K Row in teams of 3
We finished in 2nd place with a time of 12:49
YAY! to my team Nancy and Rachael!!!


15 x Thrusters @ L2 = 65#

I will freely thrusters were horrible. I probably NO REP every one. It was more like an ugly push press.  I pretty much did ZERO legit thrusters.  Another thing...after the row my forearms and biceps where throbbing so seriously, I could not bend my arms into the little pathetic front rack I do have.  So yeah it was bad on all fronts...

15 x Burpees
Finished in 11:09
With a 12 min time cap...I just barely finished...I suck.

regarding burpees...this makes me chuckle...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

09022014 Tuesday WOD

Tuesday WOD...went something like this.

400m Run
10 x burpees
Stretching - shoulder stretches with bands etc


Back Squat
5 x 5
Got to 245#


400m Run
21 KBS @ 35#
12 Pull ups @ Green Band
Finished in 14:45

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day 2014 Lifting


Burgener Warm Up w/ Empty Bar
20 x air squats
3 x

Stretch - shoulders and hips


135# x 10 (2)
185# x 5 (2)
225# x 3 (3)

SKILL - practice
all at 75#

Snatch Grip High Pulls x 3 (3)

Mini Complex - Power Snatch x 2 + Overhead Squat x 2
x 5