Friday, August 29, 2014

08292014 Friday Labor Day Weekend WOD

Very happy today since it is a long holiday weekend with Labor Day on Monday I was able to leave work at 3PM.  Which meant I was able to go workout and take the 6PM class.

15# Plate overhead 400m run

3 x
10 x Push Up
10 x Sit Up
10 x Air Squat



Strict Press
max double
I got to 165# for my double, but it was light so I did it 4x.
I then got too happy and too excited and bumped it up to 205#...big mistake. 40# jump was too much. I failed. I should of went to 185# or even 195#. I messed up and got too excited.  Final # was 165.  Sad.


Wall Balls @ 14#
KBS @ 44#
Push Ups
20 min time cap
Finished in 16:09

I did my 9 reps unbroken for both sets...everything else I split in half.  Happy I finished.

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