Thursday, August 28, 2014

08282014 Thursday WOD

I hate running...


15# plate overhead 400m run
stop at each corner 5 x OHS



Front Squat
Max single - 205lb


1 mile run

1000m Row

100 dubs @ L2 = 200 singles
* my run was calves were in pain. I wore my 2XU calf sleeves so thank god for that...but my calves were burning and it really slowed me down.  I finished the run over 16 minutes...who the eff runs a 16 min mile?  This fat ass does.  My best 1 mile so far I think was a low 14 min or just at 14 min.  I was a full 2 min slower tonight.

My 1000m row was in the low 4 min, I think I finished at 4:17

My 200 singles were done pretty fast too...the run.  The run...The run...was so bad.

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