Tuesday, August 26, 2014

08262014 Tuesday WOD

Typical Tuesday night at the box...

400m run
stop at each corner and perform 5 x squats and 5 x jumping squats


Squat Clean max triple
5 x 3
I got to 95#...I may of been able to do more but I still dont have that front rack...it is getting better for sure but not enough for a real legit clean where I am below parallel. My worst movement is the clean and thrusters period.

AMRAP = 12 Minutes
10 x Renegade Rows @ 20# DBs
20 x Box Jumps @ 20" box
100m Run
I completed 3 round plus 17 reps (10 RR and 7 BJ)

Not too bad...then we did a cash out..
Plank -20 sec
Rest - 10 sec
Burpees - 20 sec
Rest  - 10 sec
Side Plank - 20 sec
Rest - 10 sec
Side Plank - 20 sec
Rest - 10 sec
Repeat above 1 x

ugh...and then practiced pull ups.  Strict and butterfly. I have to practice practice practice. I lost my butterfly movement. I dont know what happened. Last week I was able to pull 2-3 legit butterfly pull ups and now I am back at 1x.  It sucks..it is like I completely forgot how to do them...sad.

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