Saturday, August 23, 2014

08232014 10+ Year Reunion WOD

A long time ago...around 2002-2003 I lived right behind the 99 Cent store in the heart of Highland Park. I lived in a duplex owned by a super sweet old lady that lived next door.  Now I found this place from a friend of a friend.  My best friend Alex was dating this girl Stella..and Stella's friend is Cathy...and Cathy lived across the street in this tiny little house and she told me about the duplex.  I lived there for about 2 years...and moved out in 2004 when my sister and I bought our condo in So Pas.

Fast forward to today...
10+ years later...

Me and Stella BOTH...Reconnected to CATHY!!!  Who happens to be part owner of:
CrossFit Altadena

How crazy is that...CF does bring people together!  Sheesh!  The world is crazy.

So we all met to do a WOD at her is what we did!

200m Run
10 x Pass Thrus
5 x Hand Release Push Ups
6 x Box Jump0s
5 x Pull Up
6 x Wall ball - I used 14# ball
100m run

"The Hopper"
So we did the "essence" of CrossFit...the unknown. We literally pulled movements from a bowl and rolled dice for reps.

- Teams of 2
- Work is shared
- AMRAP  - 26 minutes
- Lifts 4 x dice
- Gymnastics 5 x dice

40 x Burpees
12 x Dips
24 x Power Snatch as RX 75#
400m Run

My partner Mark and I finished 4 Rounds...-4 seconds.  We missed the end by 4 they let us have it for 4 rounds. Good workout for sure!!!

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