Tuesday, August 19, 2014

08192014 Tuesday WOD

20 Minutes of Hell

That is all I can call it.

Med ball run @ 16#

Run around the block and stopping at every corner to do 10 squats with the med ball.



Pistols aka 1 legged squats

2 min AMRAP
1 min rest
2 min AMRAP
*keep a cumulative count
I got 83
So I thought I was strong enough to do it on with a band...WRONG...then I thought I was strong enough to do it while holding on to the rig....WRONG again.

I just did them off a box..20" so it was a "cheat" a "soft cheat" really.  I need to maybe do them off the rings next time so I am forced to go down and hold on for dear life.  But then I would probably only get like 40.  Give and take friends...give and take right?

20 min AMRAP
12 x Deadlifts
9 x Hang Power Cleans
6 x S2O via Push Press or Push Jerk
20 x Box Jumps/step ups

Rx = 135#
L3 = 115# - I did it at this weight....

The average was 5 rounds completed...
I finished 4 rounds and got to 6 box jumps.  Not bad..but it was like crazy hard.  It was a warm summer night in LA too so I was dripping...soaked my Hello Kitty T shirt and everything.  Ugh...it was a tough workout but a good onc and many of my box mates all said they really enjoyed the workout even though it was hard.  They liked that this was different from our last few WODs.  This one had more movements and a AMRAP. Our last few workouts only had like 2 or 3 similar movements...today had a good variety and made everyone work. You really worked for your rounds.

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