Saturday, August 16, 2014

08162014 Sat WOD

Gettin' hot in heeerreee!

Dang 10AM class?  I think we were already in high 70s low 80s by that time...sheesh.

I rolled into the box around 9:15AM.

I rowed a 2K to warm up. I wanted to keep it sub 10min.  I did it in 9:56.
As long as ALWAYS keep my 2K under 10 min I think I will be OK.

I had to rumble roll my right calf...I had my first muscle cramp in months this morning.  I am sure it was because of the 10 x 200m Runs from yesterday..ugh.  *which by the way is about 1.25 miles!  UGH!  I had to run that much...and I did not have my calf sleeves on.

on to the WOD

400m Run

We then PLAYED DODGEBALL!!!  What a way for an active warm up.  It was really FUN.
my team actually lost...  =(

Then we stretched...


5 x 3 Hang Cleans
Max triple - 155#
I failed 185# only getting 2!!!  Ugh!!!  185!!!!  I swear I can do it for a triple!  grrrr!!


Front Squats @ 20# DBs

200m Run with 20# DBs

DONE 13:08!!!!

Burpees still suck...and I hate them and I am sure they hate me back.

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