Tuesday, August 12, 2014

08122014 Tuesday WOD

Tough workout tonight...I finished...but it was no bueno.

400m Run with 16# Med Ball


Agility Sprints
*we had to sprint and perform 2 right angle turns as fast as possible and come back to the starting position.  It was super fun and challenging.  Picture a "T" where you run up to the split, go left or right your choice touch the end cone come back touch the other side and come back to center and run down the middle again.  We had 3 tries to get the best time we can.
1st - 9.10
2nd - 9.01
3rd - 8.7

So great! I got faster every time.


10 x power cleans

10 x front squat

10 x front lunges
200m run

L1 @ 75#
Once you selected the weight you had to stick with it and keep that bar throughout the workout.
20 min time cap.
I finished 18:01

this is one of those workouts that I finished but feel guilty about as the last sets were just bad.  If I was to judge myself...the front squats and lunges were all bad since I do not have a front rack so I had to modify and also use the mummy position for the last 2 sets.  My squats were bad and my front lunges were probably 90% no reps.  So yes I finished and I am happy I did it, but it wasnt a workout I was proud of.  It was just ugly towards the end.

After class, I did 10 strict pull ups, 3, 3, 2, 2  and left!

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