Saturday, August 9, 2014

08092014 Saturday AM WOD

Another beautiful Saturday in the 90042!


400m Run with 16# med ball


3 x Max Rep Over Head Squats *from the floor....not from the rack!!!
YAY!! I got 135#!!! NEW PR!!!!
I am positive I barely hit parallel but still I am just super happy to even have the movement done.  It felt so that I know I can get 135 I am going to practice with it for sure.  I want 135 to feel like 75#....I am going to practice.

Team of 3
100 x pull ups @ box
100 x box jumps
100 x burpees
100 x kbs @35#
100 x burpees

We finished in 26 mins!!!!!

The 3 of us has a good strategy...using our best rep range to knock it out.  The 3 of use did 11 each for 3 sets and I did the extra one.  On other movements we would do 20 reps and then 13 reps...we had it figured out.  So good.  Super happy.  We did better than we thought and we FINISHED.  That is the best part.  WE FINISHED!!!!

I then stayed after for a bit and did some accessory work.

3 x 5 @ 135#
2 x 3 @ 185#

Then 3 x 2 of a mini complex
@ 75#
2 x Hang Power Snatch
2 x Over Head Squat
Just to shake the cobwebs off and get loose.

Then 10 x pull ups...playing around with kipping etc.
5 x 2...I only did doubles all the way to get to 10.

Happy Saturday!

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