Saturday, August 30, 2014

08302014 Saturday WOD

Another hard workout...sheesh.

400m Run

3 x w/ 14# med ball
10 x squat
10 x Russian Twist
10 x push ups
100m run


Max Deadlift

100 x Goblet Squat @ 35#
400m Run
50 x Box Jump/Step up @ 20"
200m Run
25 Burpees
100m Run

DONE - 16:24

Notes on this wod...
100 squats - I did these in 20s.  5 x 20
Box jumps I just did step ups no strategy
Burpees I did 10 unbroken, 5, 6, then 4

This was my 3rd day in a row....I need rest.  Going to take my ZMA before bed for sure.

Friday, August 29, 2014

08292014 Friday Labor Day Weekend WOD

Very happy today since it is a long holiday weekend with Labor Day on Monday I was able to leave work at 3PM.  Which meant I was able to go workout and take the 6PM class.

15# Plate overhead 400m run

3 x
10 x Push Up
10 x Sit Up
10 x Air Squat



Strict Press
max double
I got to 165# for my double, but it was light so I did it 4x.
I then got too happy and too excited and bumped it up to 205#...big mistake. 40# jump was too much. I failed. I should of went to 185# or even 195#. I messed up and got too excited.  Final # was 165.  Sad.


Wall Balls @ 14#
KBS @ 44#
Push Ups
20 min time cap
Finished in 16:09

I did my 9 reps unbroken for both sets...everything else I split in half.  Happy I finished.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

08282014 Thursday WOD

I hate running...


15# plate overhead 400m run
stop at each corner 5 x OHS



Front Squat
Max single - 205lb


1 mile run

1000m Row

100 dubs @ L2 = 200 singles
* my run was calves were in pain. I wore my 2XU calf sleeves so thank god for that...but my calves were burning and it really slowed me down.  I finished the run over 16 minutes...who the eff runs a 16 min mile?  This fat ass does.  My best 1 mile so far I think was a low 14 min or just at 14 min.  I was a full 2 min slower tonight.

My 1000m row was in the low 4 min, I think I finished at 4:17

My 200 singles were done pretty fast too...the run.  The run...The run...was so bad.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

08262014 Tuesday WOD

Typical Tuesday night at the box...

400m run
stop at each corner and perform 5 x squats and 5 x jumping squats


Squat Clean max triple
5 x 3
I got to 95#...I may of been able to do more but I still dont have that front is getting better for sure but not enough for a real legit clean where I am below parallel. My worst movement is the clean and thrusters period.

AMRAP = 12 Minutes
10 x Renegade Rows @ 20# DBs
20 x Box Jumps @ 20" box
100m Run
I completed 3 round plus 17 reps (10 RR and 7 BJ)

Not too bad...then we did a cash out..
Plank -20 sec
Rest - 10 sec
Burpees - 20 sec
Rest  - 10 sec
Side Plank - 20 sec
Rest - 10 sec
Side Plank - 20 sec
Rest - 10 sec
Repeat above 1 x

ugh...and then practiced pull ups.  Strict and butterfly. I have to practice practice practice. I lost my butterfly movement. I dont know what happened. Last week I was able to pull 2-3 legit butterfly pull ups and now I am back at 1x.  It is like I completely forgot how to do them...sad.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

08232014 10+ Year Reunion WOD

A long time ago...around 2002-2003 I lived right behind the 99 Cent store in the heart of Highland Park. I lived in a duplex owned by a super sweet old lady that lived next door.  Now I found this place from a friend of a friend.  My best friend Alex was dating this girl Stella..and Stella's friend is Cathy...and Cathy lived across the street in this tiny little house and she told me about the duplex.  I lived there for about 2 years...and moved out in 2004 when my sister and I bought our condo in So Pas.

Fast forward to today...
10+ years later...

Me and Stella BOTH...Reconnected to CATHY!!!  Who happens to be part owner of:
CrossFit Altadena

How crazy is that...CF does bring people together!  Sheesh!  The world is crazy.

So we all met to do a WOD at her is what we did!

200m Run
10 x Pass Thrus
5 x Hand Release Push Ups
6 x Box Jump0s
5 x Pull Up
6 x Wall ball - I used 14# ball
100m run

"The Hopper"
So we did the "essence" of CrossFit...the unknown. We literally pulled movements from a bowl and rolled dice for reps.

- Teams of 2
- Work is shared
- AMRAP  - 26 minutes
- Lifts 4 x dice
- Gymnastics 5 x dice

40 x Burpees
12 x Dips
24 x Power Snatch as RX 75#
400m Run

My partner Mark and I finished 4 Rounds...-4 seconds.  We missed the end by 4 they let us have it for 4 rounds. Good workout for sure!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

08212014 Thursday WOD

Short and Painful

400m Run + 5 x Pause Squats w/ partner at each corner
Then 10 x air squats before going in.

Double Unders
5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40 and back
*I did 2 x singles
7:47 DONE

9 min AMRAP
3-6-9-12 --->
HSPU @ Box
Front Squat @ 75#
I got to 12 + 15 front squats

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

08192014 Tuesday WOD

20 Minutes of Hell

That is all I can call it.

Med ball run @ 16#

Run around the block and stopping at every corner to do 10 squats with the med ball.



Pistols aka 1 legged squats

2 min AMRAP
1 min rest
2 min AMRAP
*keep a cumulative count
I got 83
So I thought I was strong enough to do it on with a band...WRONG...then I thought I was strong enough to do it while holding on to the rig....WRONG again.

I just did them off a box..20" so it was a "cheat" a "soft cheat" really.  I need to maybe do them off the rings next time so I am forced to go down and hold on for dear life.  But then I would probably only get like 40.  Give and take friends...give and take right?

20 min AMRAP
12 x Deadlifts
9 x Hang Power Cleans
6 x S2O via Push Press or Push Jerk
20 x Box Jumps/step ups

Rx = 135#
L3 = 115# - I did it at this weight....

The average was 5 rounds completed...
I finished 4 rounds and got to 6 box jumps.  Not bad..but it was like crazy hard.  It was a warm summer night in LA too so I was dripping...soaked my Hello Kitty T shirt and everything. was a tough workout but a good onc and many of my box mates all said they really enjoyed the workout even though it was hard.  They liked that this was different from our last few WODs.  This one had more movements and a AMRAP. Our last few workouts only had like 2 or 3 similar had a good variety and made everyone work. You really worked for your rounds.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

08172014 PR SUNDAY!!!

Sunday Funday PR day!
Open Box I came in did my usual of what I need to do.

Had some friends come in and we did some lifting and then hit a quick little WOD.  Under 10 min!

stretching warm up


EB x 10 (2)
2 x 5 = 135#
2 x 3 = 185#
3 x 1 = 225#, 245# 255#
w/ 3 second pause


10 x 135#
8 x 155#
5 x 225#
3 x 245#

Toes to Bar @ Knees to Chest
KBS @ 44#
Box Jump/step ups @ 20" box
DONE - 7:08

more lifting...

Worked on my jerk overhead.
EB - strict press x 10 (2)
75# x 10

135# x 5 = push press
155# x 3  = push press
185# x 1 = push jerk
215# x 1 = push jerk - PR!!!!
225# x 1 = UGLY UGLY PUSH JERK but....still a PR PR PR PR!!!!!!
my hero Kendrick, his signature squat jerk....

Then jumped on some pull ups and got 5 clean...dead hang.  Well the last one was not as pretty as the previous 4 but the chin went over the I am happy.

Sheeeesh...what a day!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

08162014 Sat WOD

Gettin' hot in heeerreee!

Dang 10AM class?  I think we were already in high 70s low 80s by that time...sheesh.

I rolled into the box around 9:15AM.

I rowed a 2K to warm up. I wanted to keep it sub 10min.  I did it in 9:56.
As long as ALWAYS keep my 2K under 10 min I think I will be OK.

I had to rumble roll my right calf...I had my first muscle cramp in months this morning.  I am sure it was because of the 10 x 200m Runs from yesterday..ugh.  *which by the way is about 1.25 miles!  UGH!  I had to run that much...and I did not have my calf sleeves on.

on to the WOD

400m Run

We then PLAYED DODGEBALL!!!  What a way for an active warm up.  It was really FUN.
my team actually lost...  =(

Then we stretched...


5 x 3 Hang Cleans
Max triple - 155#
I failed 185# only getting 2!!!  Ugh!!!  185!!!!  I swear I can do it for a triple!  grrrr!!


Front Squats @ 20# DBs

200m Run with 20# DBs

DONE 13:08!!!!

Burpees still suck...and I hate them and I am sure they hate me back.

Friday, August 15, 2014

08152014 Friday night WOD

Not a good day...wasnt feeling the energy...super tired.

400m run
3 x
10 x wall squat
20 x Russian Twist w med ball 12#
100m Run w med Ball @ 12#

10 x 200m Run
w/ a partner   - each person has to run 10x alternating for rest.
We finished in 22:42

"Dumb Fran"
Fran w Dumbbells

@ 15# dumbbells
@ Box Pull ups

Not a good night...I finished but did not feel good about the workout.  Talk about an off night...felt full and bloated and just not right.  No bueno.  Horrible.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

08122014 Tuesday WOD

Tough workout tonight...I finished...but it was no bueno.

400m Run with 16# Med Ball


Agility Sprints
*we had to sprint and perform 2 right angle turns as fast as possible and come back to the starting position.  It was super fun and challenging.  Picture a "T" where you run up to the split, go left or right your choice touch the end cone come back touch the other side and come back to center and run down the middle again.  We had 3 tries to get the best time we can.
1st - 9.10
2nd - 9.01
3rd - 8.7

So great! I got faster every time.


10 x power cleans

10 x front squat

10 x front lunges
200m run

L1 @ 75#
Once you selected the weight you had to stick with it and keep that bar throughout the workout.
20 min time cap.
I finished 18:01

this is one of those workouts that I finished but feel guilty about as the last sets were just bad.  If I was to judge myself...the front squats and lunges were all bad since I do not have a front rack so I had to modify and also use the mummy position for the last 2 sets.  My squats were bad and my front lunges were probably 90% no reps.  So yes I finished and I am happy I did it, but it wasnt a workout I was proud of.  It was just ugly towards the end.

After class, I did 10 strict pull ups, 3, 3, 2, 2  and left!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

08092014 Saturday AM WOD

Another beautiful Saturday in the 90042!


400m Run with 16# med ball


3 x Max Rep Over Head Squats *from the floor....not from the rack!!!
YAY!! I got 135#!!! NEW PR!!!!
I am positive I barely hit parallel but still I am just super happy to even have the movement done.  It felt so that I know I can get 135 I am going to practice with it for sure.  I want 135 to feel like 75#....I am going to practice.

Team of 3
100 x pull ups @ box
100 x box jumps
100 x burpees
100 x kbs @35#
100 x burpees

We finished in 26 mins!!!!!

The 3 of us has a good strategy...using our best rep range to knock it out.  The 3 of use did 11 each for 3 sets and I did the extra one.  On other movements we would do 20 reps and then 13 reps...we had it figured out.  So good.  Super happy.  We did better than we thought and we FINISHED.  That is the best part.  WE FINISHED!!!!

I then stayed after for a bit and did some accessory work.

3 x 5 @ 135#
2 x 3 @ 185#

Then 3 x 2 of a mini complex
@ 75#
2 x Hang Power Snatch
2 x Over Head Squat
Just to shake the cobwebs off and get loose.

Then 10 x pull ups...playing around with kipping etc.
5 x 2...I only did doubles all the way to get to 10.

Happy Saturday!

08082014 Friday WOD

Skipped yesterday so I came in today.

4 x of
10 x squats
10 x sit ups
10 x push ups


21 x Wall Balls @ 14#
18 x Pull ups @ Box
15 x KBS @ 44#
12 x Push ups
Done - 17:46

The key for this workout was I was unbroken on the KBS and Push Ups until the last round.  That is what made me finish faster and of course the scaled pull ups using the box.

I need to try to complete my wods using a band from now on. I need to....I think if the reps are 15 and under I will a band.  If the reps are above 15 I will use a box.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

08052014 Tuesday WOD


Another #WOD I couldn't finish....sad

Today I brought my friend Carrie in for her first free class.  I think she liked it.  She got her butt kicked and she loved it.  Awesome!

Here is the workout..

800m Run


Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats
I only got to 95#..same reason as always, I dont have a front rack and therefore...I suck.

15 Wall Balls @ 14#
15 20" Box Jump/Step Ups
200m Run
23 Min Time Cap
I only got 6 done....

sigh...yeah not a great night for me....

Monday, August 4, 2014

08032014 - Sunday Sesh

I do enjoy Open Box on Sundays....I get to practice what I like, NO METCON....and just basically have the box all to theory.

Anyways...I am a day late posting this...but here is what I did:

Band stretches
Hip stretches - on box
20 mins

Burgener Warm up w/ empty bar
+ 20 squats

135# x 10 (2) - belt less
185# x 10 - belt less
225# x 5 (2)
245# x 3 (2)

Power Clean x 2
Push Press x 2
OHS x 2
@ 75#
2 x 3

2 x 3

5 x 2 for a total of 10 strict
Practice butterfly (horrible by the way)

That's all folks!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

08022014 Saturday WOD

Happy Saturday POST Battle of the Box!

The gym was torn up after last night's competition.  Great times last night.  The box was lit up.  So good!

I was figuring it was going to be light today...but a few hardcore peeps showed up.  We had a good class.

400m run

3 x
20 x air squats
20 x sit ups
20 x lunges
100m run



5 x 5 Front Squat
*I used straps to get my hands/elbows in position
Got to 135#

400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings @ 44#
12 Pull ups @ box pull ups

DONE - 14:09

I stayed after and did some DEADLIFTS!!!

135# x 5
185# x 5
225# x 3
275# x 3
315# x 3
365# x 1
385# x 1 - NEW PR!!!  Previous was 365#

405# - 4 x 45# Plates!!!

Woohooo!!!  NEW PR!! Part of the 400 club!!  FOUR HUNDRED!!!!!!  YES YES YES!!!!!