Thursday, July 31, 2014

07312014 End of July WOD

I cannot believe it is August already.  Really?  Man...

I have been at this box now for 6 months.  I started in Feb.  Crazy...

Perfect way to end the month and celebrate my 6 months at this box.  One of my best #WOD I completed.

400m Run with 12# med ball

High knees/butt kicks/deep lunges/lunge twists/burpee broad jumps



Double Under work
Got to practice DUs as a class.
2 mins on
1 min rest
2 mins on
AMRAP - I got 6.  They were all broken and ugly...I definitely have to practice.  Heck EVERYONE has to practice this skill.  I appreciated Coach Lore letting us practice rather then push us to just do reps.

15-12-9-6-3 for time

Toes 2 Bar - scaled to Knees to Chest

Cleans - scaled to L3 @ 115# (Rx was 135#)

DONE - 10:05


Awesome end to the month and celebrating my 6 months at Highland Park Crossfit.

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