Tuesday, July 29, 2014

07292014 Tuesday WOD + Sunday Lifting

I lifted on Sunday but did not post it...so I will just include it tonight.

I came in and helped a friend work on strategies for GRACE - 30 x clean and jerks for time.

After we worked on that I did back squats. I try to squat every Sunday. I worked up to 245lbs for 5 x 3.

I am getting more comfy with my oly shoes, belt and knee sleeves. Much more confident and feeling better on the bottom.

I did some random push presses but nothing to call out.  That's all..on to tonight's WOD.

400m Run

3 Rounds w/ 14# Med Ball
10 x Squats
20 x Russian Twists
100m Run



Squat Clean
I only got to 85#....I know.  Same problem...as Thrusters.  I can power clean just fine...it is hitting the bottom of the squat and holding the front rack. I just cannot do it.  I need to practice it. I will make a better effort at working on it on open box sessions.

30-20-10 for time

Kettle Bell Swings @ 44#

Burpee Box Jumps

Push Ups

Time cap was 17 mins
I finished in 16:12

It was bad...the Burpee Box Jump kills. I have KBS and Push ups all day.  I was just super slow on the BBJ.

on to the next one...

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