Thursday, July 24, 2014

07242014 Thursday WOD

I actually finished today's WOD.  I actually scaled correctly. I scaled correctly and finished the workout.
Yay for me.

200m Run

9 min total
Min 1 - 20 x air squats + 100m run
Min 2 - 20 x jumping jacks + 10 jumping squats
Min 3 - 30 x russian twists w 14# med ball



Tabata Sit Ups
36 total
*I keep cramping with doing sit ups. I drank water to be hydrated, I stretched my abs in a few cobra stretches and I still cramped. This happened the last time we did this.  I need to drink more water on training days.  I will see if I can stop the cramping.  (sad panda)


50 x Wall Balls @ 14# ball (L2)

15 x Clean & Jerk @ 95# (L3)
DONE - 11:15

Seriously, I scaled this workout correctly and did this right.  I am pretty happy.

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