Tuesday, July 15, 2014

07152014 1st Day Back WOD

If anyone noticed I have not logged a workout in a week...yup. Sad.
I went to visit my family over the weekend and basically ate all weekend.  I left on Thursday and came back on Sunday...not working out at all.


So I knew I was coming in today...and wanted to get a good WOD in so I could kickstart/jolt my system. Shock my fat ass back into a calorie burning furnace.  Well it worked.  Like all workouts, there were highs and lows.

Let me start with the HIGH!!!  WOOHOOO!!!  (claps all around for me)

400m Run
*today I tried a new strategy that seemed to work OK for me. I am a horrible runner and I hate it and I suck at it. I know you have to do it and I will bitch and moan forever but I will do it.  Anyways...I used to struggle and struggle trying to get a good pace.  Today I tried a new one...I know I am good for short bursts. Not a nice settled pace a literal burst. I will give you 10-15 seconds of 90%. So what do I do in that time? Make it the most efficient possible right?  Cover the most ground I can right? So that is what I did. Knowing I can only "run" for 10-15 seconds...I took nice long full strides so I could cover the most distance in the burst I have. It seemed to work. I will try to perfect and streamline this technique and see how it goes.

2 x
10 x sit ups
10 x scorpions
10 x mountain climbers
10 x squats



Deadlift work to 5RM
5 x 5
(drum roll please)
I got to 335# for my 5. I maybe could of went to 345 or 355. Maybe.  335# felt pretty good!  YAY FOR ME!!!

I had to enjoy this HIGH..and this great feeling of accomplishment because as soon as the WOD came it was game over.


25 x burpees
400m run
20 min cap

I DNF...I completed 3 rounds in 19:13

so yeah...not good but not terrible. I am happy I did 3 under 20 mins.

I am planning on coming back tomorrow...since I may not be able to come in on Thursday.  So check back and see if I make it in!

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