Saturday, June 28, 2014

06282014 Saturday WOD

*before class - 4 x Burgener Warmup w/ Empty Bar 45#

400m Run

3 x 10
Goblet squats = 35# KB
Sit Ups
100m Run

Partner Stretches


1 rep max
Clean and Jerk
*I can jerk a touch over 200lbs.  But cleaning it off the floor is a whole other story.  Grabbing the weight off the rack already at shoulder level is way different than getting it up off the floor, to your shoulders and then over your head.



Renegade Rows *WITH PUSH UP!* - Rx 30lb DB, I also did partial on my knees
42 -30-18

Box Jump/Step Ups
200 - 400 - 600m Run

So you do each # in order.  21 Renegade Rows, 42 Box Jumps, 200m run. then next set you do 15 RR, 30 BJ and 400m run etc.

Time Cap - 20min
I DNF...I finished at 21:34

Main problem was the running as always.  The rows I used RX knowing I was going to hit my knees to finish the workout.  Box step ups are pretty consistent so nothing new there.

Finished with some snatch grip deads, high pulls and lastly pull ups.

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