Tuesday, June 24, 2014

06242014 Tuesday WOD

Back at it....had the weekend off.  Took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.  Gym had new floors put in so we could not train this weekend.

First day back..and it was baaaaaad.  Seriously the worst things for me, I could not of done worst..if you asked me hey..what would be the worst workout for you ever?  This may be it...not in intensity or cardio simply because of the movement...baaaaaad.  Here goes.

400m Run
Plank Cone Game - basically we had partners in the top of the push up slap hands alternating as music played and a plastic cone between us.  When the music stopped whoever did NOT grab the cone had to do 3 burpees.  I lost my first one and won the rest.  Yay for me!


Handstand Push Ups
since many people cannot do them we worked on form. We had the box to help people and I just did a handstand hold.  I need to practice it more as I was way uncomfortable in a handstand.  Sad...I can do it wall walk style but I cannot do it ass to wall.  Basically I am better at HSPU when chest to wall vs the real way of ass to wall.  I am going to add Handstand holds to my practice sessions now. I need to stay and be comfy upside down.


15 Thrusters
400m Run

**seriously...really?  I basically cannot do thrusters...and then make me run!  ugh...horrible.

I finished in 23:03 and I will freely admit..my thrusters were HORRIBLE...and probably 1/2 were no rep. it was bad.  Oh and forget about my run/walk/jog/walk...it was not so good.

The only saving grace was the weight was light enough that I could do the 15 reps unbroken or at least not have to drop the bar. Otherwise it would of taken 45 mins...man so bad.

Rx was 95#, L3 was 75# and I used L2 at 65#.

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