Wednesday, June 18, 2014

06182014 WOD - Make Up

Mini redemption today...I at least finished the WOD under the time cap.
I feel better...I scaled correctly.

400m Run

3 Rounds
10 x wall squats
10 x push ups
10 x russian twists w 16# med ball
10 x med ball squats

Partner stretches

4 Rounds For Time
30 x sit ups
30 x supermans
*I would/could of gotten a better time. My stomach was about to cramp up. I felt a clamp come across my stomach so I had to slow it down alot.  I finished without a cramp but I slowed down alot.

Clean and Jerks (L2)
Pull Ups (box pull ups)
Rx - 135#
L3 - 115#
L2 - 95#
*After last night...I did not want to do the same thing. I probably could of done it at 115# and it would of been a true "challenge."  I went one lower to 95# so I can finish. I also did my pull ups off the box so I can get it done.

TIME CAP 12:00

The box is closed this weekend so I am going to go again tomorrow to get in one extra workout this week. Hope I can make it tomorrow.

I am just happy I finished...I need to finish tonight.

Thanks to my HPCF family that asked about my back from last night. Feels good to have people care for you and concerned.  Kinda made my evening that much better.

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