Tuesday, June 10, 2014

06102014 Tuesday WOD

Was feeling a little down today...just different things happening right now...actually happening all at once.  I needed a good workout, I wanted a good workout..but was not sure how to do it and if I even could.

My shoulder is feeling better still not 100% so it was still a little achy.  Anyways...here is what we did.

400m Run

2 x Rounds
10 x squat
10 x jumping jacks
10 x russian twists w 10# med ball
100m run w 10# med ball


2 min Max Push Ups


30 x front squat @75# I also had to do it in a mummy/choke position because I dont have a front rack.  Here is how I had to do them...

30 x pull up  - scaled to box pull ups

200m run
20 x front squat
20 x pull up
400m run
10 x front squat
10 x pull up
100m run

DONE - 13:51

I tried to stay and do some pull ups but my shoulder was bugging me even in the dead hang. I did 2 pull ups and it was over.

I am just happy I got a workout in....hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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